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40 Killed In Extremely Dangerous Turkey Aftershocks Including Two Journalists

Disaster Report: Extremely dangerous aftershocks of M 5.6 hit Van,Turkey on November 9, 2011. Heavy damage is certain.
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source USGS VIII-severe; VII-very strong; VI-strong

UPDATE  11/14/2011
 More dead bodies found. Now death due to Turkey aftershocks has risen to 40. Altogether 26 people have been rescued till now from this earthquake.
Among the victims were two Turkish journalists from the DHA news agency, Sebahattin Yilmaz and Cem Emir.They were buried in the rubble of the five-story Bayram Hotel. Still the aftershocks are recorded in Eastern Turkey. The earlier Turkey Earthquake took 605+ lives.

-The death toll has risen to 36.Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited thousands of quake victims in eastern Turkey on Saturday. His first stop was Ercis, Turkey which was badly affected by this disaster.


The death toll by Turkey earthquake is now 25.
It also includes two journalist who were found under the concrete of collapsed  hotel.

UPDATE 18:48

Following the CNN-Turk TV channel, the death toll in southeastern Turkey has risen to 24.

UPDATE 18:32
Another aftershocks of M 4.1 is recorded 45 km (27 miles) ENE of Van, Turkey (@17:57 UTC). This 26.3 km deep aftershock is 961 km (597 miles) E of ANKARA, Turkey.

UPDATE 17:26

Death toll rises to 19
. Prime minister's disaster and emergency said 30 people were recovered alive from the rubble.

UPDATE 11/11/2011 (16:15 UTC
The death toll of Turkey earthquake has risen to 17. Today rescue workers pulled out more bodies from the rubble. Still the search operation is going on in Turkey. People are already panicked of earlier M 7.2 dangerous Turkey Earthquake which killed 600+ people


Police fired tear gas on crowds when Some 200 demonstrators chanted for the resignation of the provincial governor in a rally.

The death toll has risen to 10


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said that at least 20 people had been pulled from the rubble.


Quoting Xinhua, still many people are trapped under the collapsed buildings and rescue workers were still searching through the rubble.


Parliamentary member Nazmi Gur said emergency teams were focusing on rescuing some 50 people believed to still be trapped.

The death toll has risen to 7.

UPDATE 11/10/2011
Another M 4.5 aftershock in same area with epicenter 32 km (19 miles) SSW of Van, Turkey (@ 22:38 UTC) 


The Turkish Red Crescent immediately dispatched 15,000 tents and some 300 rescue workers

Schools in the region are closed until December 5.

Turkey's Dogan news agency said two of its reporters were missing.

UPDATE  The best known hotel of Van, Bayram hotel get collapsed. 

Three people died. About two dozens houses collapsed in Van.

Following USGS data, severe shaking is expected which can cause heavy damage. More than 309,000 people will experience a heavy shaking. Max. MMI intensity is VIII.People of
Van(372,000) and Sarmansuyu(7000) will experience a severe shaking.

Extremely dangerous M 5.6 earthquake hit Eastern Turkey today. It is powerful aftershocks from which  heavy damage is certain. It is the aftershocks of earlier M 7.2 dangerous quake which killed 600+ people . Yesterday too M 5.6 earthquake hit the same area.Wednesday, November 09, 2011 at 19:23:33 UTC ( Local Time 09:23 @ epicenter)
Epicenter Location
16 km (9 miles) S of Van, Turkey
91 km (56 miles) NNW of Hakkari, Turkey

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