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Recent Natural Disasters List December 18, 2011

Disaster Report: Contains Daily list Of Recent Natural Disasters Around The World With Detail Update Report.

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Recent Natural Disasters List

Recent Disasters

  • Deadliest Tropical Storm Washi in Mindanao, Philippines (UPDATED 12/18/2011)
    -652 people confirmed dead with 800 still missing due to the tropical storm Washi (local codename: Sendong) in
    Mindanao, Philippines
    -229 died in Cagayan de Oro and 144 in nearby Iligan. These are the worst to be hit by
    tropical storm Washi.
    -About 500 people have been rescued-20,000 soldiers are mobilised for rescue work
    -In the above video the affect due to
    tropical storm Washi in Mindanao, Philippines can be seen clearly.Detail update on this disaster can be found on "Deadliest Tropical Storm Washi In Mindanao, Philippines"
  • New Zealand Flood 2011: State Of Emergency Declared In Nelson
    -Tasman Region
    -30 more houses are evacuated above the Rocks Road slip
    -Swimming and shellfish gathering at Tahunanui BeachRabbit and Rough Islands in Tasman, all Motueka beaches, and Ligar Bay and Pohara Beach in Golden Bay is temporarily banned (until further notice). Detail update on this disaster can be found on "
    New Zealand Flood 2011"

Recent Earthquakes

  • M 4.8 deep Sea quake in Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines near to Bral, Province of Maguindanao (@ 603 km depth). It is 73 km SW of Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. It will not even be felt.
    16:24 UTC
    (local time Monday, December 19, 2011 at 12:24 AM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.6 shallow Sea quake in Italy (Central Mediterranean Sea) near to Linosa. It will be faintly felt.
    15:01 UTC
    (local time Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 04:01 PM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.6 Sea quake in South of Panama with epicenter near to La Galera, Provincia de Veraguas. It will be faintly felt.
    13:47 UTC (local time Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 08:47 AM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.6 moderate deep earthquake in Pakistan with epicenter 61 km NNW of Chitral, Pakistan. It will be faintly felt.
    12:28 UTC
    (local time Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 05:28 PM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.8 moderate Sea quake in Honshu, Japan with epicenter 122 km ENE of Sendai, Honshu, Japan. It is hard to be felt.
    06:08 UTC
    (Local time Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 03:08 PM @ epicenter)
    Moderate shallow Sea quake in Honshu, Japan after 3 hours. Even the people of Chiba region felt it.
  • M 4.5 moderate deep earthquake in Chiapas, Mexico with epicenter 49 km SSE of Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico. It will be faintly felt.05:03 UTC (local time Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 11:03 PM @ epicenter)

Recent Volcanic Eruptions 

There are no eruption update at this time. Check back later or use search box in left column to find earlier updates

Recent Floods

  • Flash flood in Stawell city of Australia
    -Several homes in Stawell are evacuated
    -About 75 mm rainfall is recorded today
    -"Special warning" issued for the Melbourne residents saying that storms can hit the area tonight
    -"Thunderstorm warning" is also issued for the Central and parts of the Mallee, South West, Northern Country, North Central and Wimmera Forecast Districts
  • Thailand Flood- Death Toll has risen to 740
    Click for detail update report On Thailand Flood 2011 

Recent Cyclones

  • Tropical Cyclone WASHI-11 with wind speed 25m/s is active in Palau,Philippines. GREEN ALERT

Recent Natural Disasters Page

This page contains the Daily list of all Recent Natural Disasters around the world. The page is break down into various parts as Major Disaster Report containing Update Report on Rolling Disaster, Recent Earthquakes, Recent Volcanic Eruptions (active volcanoes), Recent Flood with Ongoing Flood event, Recent Cyclones and Other Disasters containing Landslide, Drought along with other Natural Hazards. The Major Natural Disaster are linked to definite page containing update report on that major disaster.
The disaster data are collected from different sources like USGS, EMSC, GDACS, EDIS..
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List Of Recent Natural Disasters