Last Updated: Monday, February 13, 2012

Strong To Moderate Earthquakes Strike Northern California

Disaster Report: M 4.4 moderate shallow earthquake strikes near Santa Rosa, Northern California Today. It will have well felt above the epicenter

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USGS Pager Map for M 5.6 Northern California Earthquake


People of Willow Creek experienced moderate shaking of MMI V.Light shaking will have felt in McKinleyville, Bayview, Eureka, Myrtletown, Arcata and Cutten region. Just weak shaking will have experienced in Fortuna, Weaverville, Crescent City and Yreka


M 5.6 strong earthquake recorded in Northern California with epicenter located 9 km  SW from Weitchpec, CA. About 4,000 people will have experienced moderate shaking of MMI V. Moderate shallow earthquake of magnitude 4.3 jolt Northern California about 15 hours ago.
Epicenter Location
9 km (5 miles) SW (234°) from Weitchpec, CA
28 km (17 miles) NNW (343°) from Willow Creek, C
29 km (18 miles) ENE (67°) from Westhaven-Moonstone, CA

50 km (31 miles) NE (38°) from Eureka, C
349 km (217 miles) NW (326°) from Sacramento, CA


-USGS has lowered magnitude to M 4.3. Earlier it was reporting M 4.4


-Another M 2.6 weak earthquake after 10 minutes in Northern California  with epicenter located 4 km  WNW  from Anderson Springs


Weak shaking 0f MMI II-III will have felt in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is the largest city in California's Wine Country and fifth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, after San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont and 26th largest city in California. People in Santa Rosa reacted immediately after the quake as they were first to send Felt Reports/experiences to Disaster Report through "Felt reports Form"


Felt Reports as received by "Disaster Report" through "Felt report form"
Judy Magness from Anderson Springs: Amazing. Been through lots of earthquakes, including Loma Prieta, but the initial jolt from this one knocked my tea cup out of my hands, made me drop my IPAD, woke the baby screaming, threw pictures off the walls and out of closets and scared the ### out of me.
Jen Moore from Riverdale: Awakened by it.
Santa Rosa: Small but could feel it easily
Santa Rosa: Just felt tremor here in Santa Rosa
USGS Pager Map; Cobb Earthquake


People of San Francisco also reported to experience a weak shaking

M 4.4 moderate shallow earthquake strikes near Santa Rosa, Northern California (@ 0.4 km depth). It will have well felt above the epicenter. About 2,000 people will have felt light shaking of MMI IV. People of Cobb will have felt strongest jolt of MMI IV. Weak shaking will have felt in Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake, Lower Lake, Healdsburg, Clearlake, Santa Rosa, Concord, Vallejo, Antioch, Fairfield region of Northern California. No damage reported
04:47 UTC (local time Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 08:47 PM at epicenter)

Epicenter Location

5 km  E  from The Geysers, CA

5 km SSW  from Cobb, CA
5 km  WNW from Anderson Springs, CA
38 km  N from Santa Rosa, CA
114 km WNW  from Sacramento, CA

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