Last Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moderate Quake Shakes Parts Of Nepal And India, Several Houses Damaged

Disaster Report: M 5.0 moderate earthquake rocks Nepal/India border region at 05:10 AM this morning.

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Google map showing epicenter area
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Natural Disasters List March 27, 2012
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Several houses reported to be damaged in Taplejung. Earlier M 6.8 very strong earthquake in Nepal/Sikkim area damaged 100+ houses in Taplejung of Nepal.
The houses which already developed cracks/damage during Nepal/Sikkim earthquake are reported to damaged by this quake.
Preliminary data reports dozens of houses damaged (partially) with five houses totally destroyed.

Nepal seismological center mentions earthquake with magnitude 5.2 in Jhapa-India border region.
Data by USGS: M 5.0 @ 40 km in Nepal/India border region
Indian seismological center: M 4.9 @ 12 km depth.

Earthquake tremor was well felt in Taplejung, Panchthar, Illam, Jhapa, Saptari, Siraha, Morang, Sunsari and other parts of Nepal and several parts of West Bengal and Bihar of India.

M 5.0 moderate earthquake rocks Nepal-India border region (Rauta @ 40 km depth) today with epicenter located 16 km S Bahadurganj. The epicenter was 63 km South of Biratnagar, Nepal.
Light shaking of MMI IV will have felt by the people of Biratnagar, Dharan, Ilam of Nepal side and Sikkim and Shilīguri region of India.
Following USGS, weak shaking will have experienced as far Nepal's capital Kathamndu and Dinajpur, Bangladesh.
This was the time when people of Nepal and India were in their bed.
The exact epicenter location is in India close to east of Nepal, Biratnagar. Biratnagar is a sub-metropolitan city in southeast Nepal. It is located at the border with India and is therefore a major center for trade and commerce with India.
Indian seismological center mentions earthquake of slight intensity of magnitude 4.7 at 12 km depth in Nepal/India border.
No damage or injury reported.
23:40 UTC (Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 05:10 AM @ epicenter )

Felt report received by Disaster Report through felt report form

Ashish Singh from Dharan, Sunsari, Nepal: Scared because my bed was shaking.
bihana bihana kati saro halleko ho!!
Biratnagar: My mother told there was an earthquake. I didn't feel. My mother feel it well here in Biratnagar.
Kathmandu: khai suteko manchhelai k thaha! halkahola thaha bhayena..
Dharan: नेपालमा भुकम्पको धक्का :((
I was ready to go to my college. I feel it well
Surat, India: Alarm at 5:05 started ringing and i switched phone off,i again laid on the bed .Suddenly i feel the tremor which lasted for approx 10 sec . To conferm myself i shaked the bed but it was not like previous one
Epicenter location
63 km SE of Biratnagar, Nepal
63 km  NNE of Katihar, Bihar, India
395 km N of Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India
1080 km ESE of NEW DELHI, Delhi, India
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