Last Updated: Friday, April 20, 2012

Several Moderate Quakes Recorded In Iran-Iraq Border Region

Disaster Report: Several moderate earthquakes recorded in  Iran-Iraq border region today.The closest populated area is Al `Amarah of Iraq.

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Update 2012/05/03
M 5.5 earthquake reported in this region today with epicenter located 85 km NW from Dezful, Iran. The epicenter was 10 km deep.
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Felt intensity
Moderate(MMI V): Dehloran and Abdanan
Light (MMI IV): Kuhdasht, Shush, `Ali al Gharbi, Al `Amarah, Khorramabad
Weak (MMI II-III):  Ahvaz,  Kahriz, Kermanshah, Arak
10:09 UTC (local time Thursday, May 03, 2012 at 02:09 PM @ epicenter)
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Several moderate earthquakes shake Iran-Iraq border region today.
First earthquake was recorded at 01:21 UTC (local time 05:21 AM @ epicenter) with epicenter located 74 km N of Al `Amarah, Iraq . Within 3 hours about eight moderate earthquakes (M 4+) are recorded in the same region.
M 4.5 @ 10 km depth, 43 km NW 'ali al garbi  and 87 km NE Al-kut (04:11 UTC)
M 4.6 @ 2 km depth, 37 km NE 'ali al garbi and 102 km E Al-kut (03:56 UTC)
M 4.2 @ 2 km depth, 27 km SE 'ali al garbi and 60 km NW Al-'amarah (03:52 UTC)
M 4.1 @ 2 km depth, 18 km W Dehloran and 88 km NW Al-'amarah (03:43 UTC)
M 4.4 @ 44 km depth, 72 km NNW of Al `Amarah, Iraq (03:31 UTC)
M 5.0 @ 46 km depth, 88 km N of Al `Amarah, Iraq (03:05 UTC)
M 4.1 @ 5 km depth, 25 km SW Dehloran and 77 km NW Al-'amarah (01:48 UTC)
M 5.1 @ 34 km depth, 74 km N of Al `Amarah, Iraq (01:21 UTC)
The Iran-Iraq boundary runs for 1,458 kilometers, from the Shatt al-Arab waterway to the tripoint boundary with modern Turkey at the Kuh e-Dalanper.
However, there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Epicenter location of first quake

74 km N of Al `Amarah, Iraq
117 km E of Al Kut, Iraq
125 km W of Dezful, Iran
533 km SW of TEHRAN, Iran

Seismotectonics of the Middle East (Source USGS)
No fewer than four major tectonic plates (Arabia, Eurasia, India, Africa) and one micro-plate (Antatolia) are responsible for seismicity in the Middle East and surrounding region. Relative motions between plates and their internal deformation are accommodated by subduction of the lithosphere, strike-slip fault systems, continental collision and rifting.

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