Last Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Small earthquake near Franklin, N.C.

Disaster Report: People from North Carolina are reporting that they just felt an earthquake tremor!

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Did you feel this earthquake? - Share your experiences

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a small earthquake of magnitude 2.0 centered in Macon County on Tuesday night. The largest earthquake ever recorded in North and South Carolina occurred in 1916 of magnitude 5.1

I have to start writing this post as hundreds of visitors are currently online on this blog from North Carolina side. They are reporting that they just felt an earthquake in North and Western Carolina some minutes earlier. BUT so far no any seismological center has reported any tremor in Carolina. Once the earthquake is confirmed, detail report will be followed. Meanwhile if you are one from Carolina, you can share what you felt? How strong was the shaking?

Epicenter location

7 miles northeast of Franklin
49 miles west of Asheville.

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