Last Updated: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flooding In Victoria: Evacuation Warning Issued For Victorian and NSW Residents

Disaster Report: Flooding in Victoria has panicked  people. Evacuation warnings issued for Victorian and NSW residents.

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Heavy flooding in Victoria, Australia

-About 30 residents of Taralgon evacuated after overflowing of Traralgon Creek. They are taking shelter in reguge center.
-Princes Highway, Monaro Highway and South Gippslands Highway closed.
-10,000 Victorians are now without electricity.
-King tides, torrential rain and damaging winds reported in east coast.
-More than 830 people have called the State Emergency Service (SES) seeking help since Sunday morning.
-Severe weather warning for large parts of coastal New South Wales, and Queensland is also expecting gale force winds and king tides over the next 48 hours.
-Heavy rainfall is predicted to hit Sydney today afternoon.
-In another news, people swept away during south-east Queensland's catastrophic floods have now officially been declared dead from drowning.
-The 2010 Victorian floods caused the inundation of about 250 homes, hundreds of evacuations and millions of dollars of damages.

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