Last Updated: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Massive Flooding In Papua New Guinea Affects 26,000 People

Disaster Report: More than 26,000 people are affected by massive flooding in Papua New Guinea

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Massive Flooding In Papua New Guinea

-About 26-thousand people affected by flooding in Daru Island of Papua New Guinea.
-According to the National Disaster and Emergency Service NDES director Martin Mose, "the number of people affected could increase to 40,000 people once assessment teams have reached more remote areas"
-Flooding was caused after the Fly River system overflowed due to heavy rainfall.
-Dozens of people feared dead after flooding and landslide in Komo Maggarima District, in the remote Hela Province of Papua New Guinea this January.
-The 2008 Papua New Guinea floods displaced roughly 75,000 people located in Papua New Guinea. The country was struck by large sea swells on 16 December, apparently caused by "strong storms", which affected over eight provinces and caused at least one death.