Last Updated: Monday, October 1, 2012

Ilam, Nepal Landslide: Six killed, 8 missing (Video)

Disaster Report: Six killed in landslide in Chisapani VDC in Kulbum along the Mechi Highway of Nepal.
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Death toll from landslide between Kutidanda of Kolbung and Harkate in Ilam district along the Mechi Highway has risen to 6.
Still 8 people are reported to be missing. The Biring River flows through the landslide site and the bodies are feared to be swept away by the river.
Dawa Sherpa, 40, Chhoten Bhutiya, 34, Arati Sherpa, 32, Chhiring Kesang Sherpa, 15, Bisworaj Mukhiya, Nagel Bhutiya, 35, and Yangila Sherpa, 7, from Darjeeling, India were among those who went missing in the landslide.

Update 10:30 AM local time
Rescue personals have found two more dead bodies at a landslide affected site. Now the death toll is 4. Ten are still missing.

Update 10:00 AM local time
So far two bodies have been recovered from landslide area. Body of Saran Pradhan of Fikkal is found and another body is of an woman who is yet to be identified.
Below is a video from the landslide area.

Update 09:50 AM local time

Locals and police personnel from Harkate Police Station and Armed Police Force from Fikkal are deployed in the rescue operation.

-Two killed in landslide in Chisapani VDC in Kulbum along the Mechi Highway of Nepal.
-At least 12 people are still reported to be missing. Five among the missing are Indian tourists.
-Six people were rescued by local police. Landslide swept away two Santro cars, a tripper (Me 1 Ta 1196) and a truck (Me 1 Cha 1196) and buried two more trippers Me 1 Cha 2619 and Ko 1 Kha 1613.
-Traffic movement on the Mechi Highway has been obstructed due to the landslide.
-Ilam district, a part of Mechi zone, is the most famous District of Nepal for the production of tea.

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