Last Updated: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just felt an earthquake in Kampala, Uganda!

Getting reports of earthquake felt east of Kampala, Uganda.
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This is what one of our site visitor from Kampala has send experience about this earthquake. A huge thanks!

I'm in Kampala and felt the shaking on morning of January 16. That said, having experienced real earthquakes in other parts of the world, it's unlikely this was an earthquake for 4 reasons:

1. The shaking was immediately preceded by a huge explosion sound. Not a tiny transformer-like explosion, but a real center of force like something was detonated.

2. The shaking was short but strong, and was in no way consistent with 3.9 quake figure that keeps getting tossed around.

3. There is no mention of the quake on the USGS charts, whereas smaller quakes are listed over the globe were listed for a similar time. Sure, the USGS charts could be wrong, but funny how this near 4.0 quake is missed but a bunch of 2.x quakes globally are listed.

4. A sample of my colleagues throughout Kampala suggests that only folks in certain parts of town felt, or heard, this. That is highly unlikely for a quake which would have been felt city-wide, let alone more widely.

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People on online social media (mainly twitter) are mentioning magnitude (still unknown source) of 3.9 earthquake in Kampala area. We will report detail if we get official report from local (Uganda seismological agency) or international seismological agencies.
It is hard to find strong earthquake in Uganda. Remember 1966 Toro earthquake,  with epicenter near the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to the south of Lake Albert. The very 1966 Ruwenzori earthquake killed 157 people.

Tweets on Kampala earthquake:
@GNakate:  Earthquake 3.934 magnitude 10 km from the core, east of #Kampala.
Also Reports of earthquake or tremors east of #Kampala an hr back...could these be due to dam construction as no history of fault lines.
@owori_jr: mild earthquake in kampala!!
@cravetribe: 3.934 magnitude earthquake /tremor rocks Kampala, aprx. 10km from core.
@NoirEnBlanca: Am I not in Kampala? How come I didn't feel that damn EarthQuake?☹
@qataharraymond: JUST IN: An earthquake of yet-to-be determined magnitude has swept through Kampala city and outskirts of town.
@nolbertm: Hmmm... a strong earthquake through Kampala (atleast in Makerere) at 10:15... ;-)
@hoyawolf: Earthquake in #Muyenga #Kampala? Wow - that was loud.

Click here to report if you too felt tremor in Kampala area.

We have checked USGS, EMSC and other international seismological agencies but couldn't find report of any tremor in or around Kampala area.

We are getting report (unconfirmed) of earthquake felt in Kampala, Uganda today.

Epicenter location


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