Last Updated: Monday, March 25, 2013

Landslide in Java Islands of Indonesia claims 8; 9 missing

A landslide triggered by torrential rain has claimed eight lives including five children. Landslide occurred in Cililin village of West Bandung of Java Islands.


 Update 23:00 UTC
-Death toll from landslide in Indonesia has risen to 8. Still 9 people are reported to be missing in Cililin village in West Bandung district.
-Rescuers have pulled out five bodies of children.

Landslide in Java Islands of Indonesia has claimed six lives. As of 08:00 UTC, 18 villagers are still reported to be missing.

Landslide triggered by heavy rainfall buried nine houses in Cililin village of West Bandung of Java Islands.

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Following Disaster Mitigation Agency, rescuers have pulled out six bodies including four children.

Landslide in western Indonesia claimed 16 lives in January, 2013. Landslides and flash floods are frequent natural disasters in Indonesia.

Photo: Villagers searching for landslide victims in Cililin, West Java, Indonesia; AP

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