Last Updated: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lightning strikes in India kill 12

Lightning strikes in India have killed at least 12 people. Heavy rains and hailstorm followed lightning disaster.


At least twelve people have died in lightning strikes in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Five people were killed by lightning strikes in Sagar district while they were working in their farm. Among them is a 11 years old boy from Semra Gond village.

Others two were killed in lightning strikes in Rajgarh and Berasia tehsil area each.
One each were killed by lightning strikes in Damoh, Tikamgarh and Begumganj tehsil area.

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Following Times of India, five people who  injured in lightning in Seoni district are having treatment in district hospital. Disaster collector has announced Rs. 20,000 as a disaster relief for each injured person.

Hailstorms have also caused huge damage to mango trees and other agricultural crops in Vidisha, Rajgarh, Shajapur, Raisen and Bhopal districts of India.

Lightning strikes in Bihar, India in September 2012 killed 10 people. Another thunderstorm, lightning strikes in Kolkata in April 2012 claimed 8 lives. India lacks proper lightning protection systems.

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