Last Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mudslide in Petropolis, Brazil kills 31

Mudslide in Petropolis, Brazil has killed 24 people and injured 18 others. Death toll from landslide in Petropolis is still expected to rise.


Update 2013/03/21
-Now death toll from the landslide has risen to 31. More bodies were found in eastern Brazil.
-Heavy rainfall and landslide caused damage of US$60 million.

Update 2013/03/20
Death toll from landslide in Petropolis has risen to 24. Landslide injured 18 others.

Mudslide caused by heavy rains have killed 16 people in Petropolis, a Brazilian town in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Disaster area is located 68 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro.

Mudslide in Petropolis has injured 20 others and displaced 560 people. Petropolis is currently in a state of maximum alert. Death toll is still expected to rise.

Around 350 emergency workers are working in rescue operations. Three days of mourning is announced in Petropolis and all classes in municipal schools are suspended.

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Up to 390 millimeters of rain have fallen in the area. Heavy rainfall has also caused flash flooding in Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba, Niteroi and Teresopolis.

More rain is forecast by Meteorologists in the coming days.
A series of floods and mudslides in Rio de Janeiro in January 2011 killed 903 people.

Photo: Brazilian fire brigade rescuers looking for mudslide victims in Petropolis; AP

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