Last Updated: Monday, March 18, 2013

Severe thunderstorm and tornado in Odisha injure 12

At least twelve have been injured by severe thunderstorm and tornado in Odisha, India. Tornado destroyed more than 200 houses in Aul and Rajkanika areas of Kendrapara district of Odisha.

Winds with speed of 100 km/hr uprooted roofs of houses along with many trees and electric poles. Heavy damage has been reported in Kantapada, Jaguleipada, Koilipur, Lahuni, Siko, Olaver, Balarampur, and Baghaboda areas.

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Severe thunderstorm and tornado also cut power in the district. High-tension 33 KV poles have been uprooted in various places.

Following New Express India, a boat capsized in river Kharasrota with 40 persons including 10 women and eight children in it but luckily all of them were rescued by local villagers.

Severe thunderstorm and tornado in 2009 in Kendrapara area of Orissa killed 15 people. Yesterday lightning strikes in Madhya Pradesh, India killed 12 people.

It is found that thundering and lightning strike the earth 100 times each second. Reports have shown that natural disasters kill 1,300 people each year in Orissa.

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