Last Updated: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iranian earthquake felt in Dubai, Baharain and Qatar

Magnitude 6.3 Iranian earthquake has been felt in neighbouring GCC countries including Bahrain, Qatar and parts of Saudi Arabia. Several buildings in Dubai were evacuated, but no one was injured in these countries.

Following UAE's National Center Of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), tremors were felt in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located about 280 km in the north of Manama, Bahrain and 500 km in the north-west of Abu Dhabi.

At least 37 people died and 850 others injured in recent Iran Bushehr earthquake.

Felt reports (You can also add your experience in the comment section below)
Emirats Towers Sheikh Zayed Road: Light shaking of a glass door in our office located on Sheikh zayed Road.
Jumeirah, Dubai: I work as a security guard in Jumeirah. Today arround 5 pm, we felt our reception building shaking lightly but we ignore it first. When people started rushing, we knew about the earthquake.
Dubai UAE:
Myself and colleague felt tremor today at about 1600hrs. Building wobbled. Several friends reporting similar stories on social media. Not a significant tremor, but definitely felt the building wobble for a few seconds.
Sheik Zayed, Al Attar: Yes, we feel it, and I thought I just feel dizzy and about to get faint so I stand, but all my colleagues feel the sway of the building too, so all ladies got panic coz we are in 20th floor. But thanks God it just lasted for few seconds.
Abu Dhabi: We felt a weak shaking in our Building three times today at 4PM. Our building is located in AL Nasser Street, Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi. Some parts of the building creates an unusual noise while shaking.
Dubai: I felt with the shaking ...all the office staff were running away to go to the staircase ...i was feeling that my head is was shaking and i will get fainted .we are located in sh. zayed tower 2.
Deira: I did not felt anything,surprised to hear there was an earthquake. But my friends said that they felt light tremors for 50 seconds.
Ibn Battuta: MMI IV Light shaking; Slight but clearly felt.

These are felt reports directly submitted to through felt report form.

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