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Magnitude 7.8 mega earthquake hits Iran-Pakistan Border

M 7.8 extremely dangerous earthquake has hit Iran-Pakistan border today. Aftershocks expected. Updates below.

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Death toll has risen to 36. More than 3,000 houses are reported to be destroyed in Mashkeel area of Pakistan only. Following Pakistani Officials, earthquake has injured at least 150 people.

Update 03:25 UTC; 2013/04/17
Magnitude 5.7 moderate aftershocks recorded in Iran-Pakistan border at 03:15 UTC. USGS estimates maximum shaking intensity of MMI III (weak??) in Khash, Iranshahr, Zahedan and Panjgur region.

Update 23:50 UTC
According to Pakistan TV, death toll in Pakistan has risen to 34. More than 150 have been injured in Mashkeel Tehsil.
Iranian State Television has given earthquake damage data. IRNA has updated one death. This gives total death toll of 35 with more than 1,000 houses damaged.

Update 16:15 UTC
Iranian State Television has now removed the death figure of 40 from its website and news scroll. Official IRNA news agency is now mentioning ZERO fatalities in Iran (Conflicting earthquake death toll??). Pakistan TV however mentions 26 deaths.

Update 15:36 UTC
Pakistan Army is currently engaged in the disaster relief operations. Helicopters‚ medical staff‚ medicines and other goods have reached the affected areas in Balochistan. It is currently 08:36 PM in Pakistan.
According to Iran's Red Crescent, it is facing a "complicated emergency situation". This is the second deadly earthquake to hit Iran in less than a week. Earlier magnitude 6.1 temblor near Bushehr, Iran killed at least 37 people.

Update 15:05 UTC
Radio Pakistan is mentioning a total of 66 deaths. 26 dead in Pakistan and 40 in Iran. At least 21 died and several injured in Mashkeel area and 5 in Panjgur area of Balochistan, Pakistan. More than 1,000 houses are damaged in the area. Currently Pakistan Army is engaged in the disaster relief operations. At least 50 people are injured in Karachi, Pakistan.
According to Iranian government, it is the biggest earthquake in Iran in 40 years. Iranian State Television is also reporting 40 deaths across Iran.

Felt Reports
Manoj Sreeram from Abudhabi: Felt in Mussafah, Abudhabi. People came down from the building and still waiting out.
Kareem Abdeen from Barsha: I am 9 years old. I was sitting on my mom bed watching TV. The bed was fully shaking and I saw the two lights moving too. I went running to my mom, she felt the same. This happen today 16/4/13 around 3:00pm.
Jyoti from Motor City: Yes, I felt the shake for about 1-2 minutes. The sofa moved and the chandelier swung sideways. That was horrible, it scared me.
Shalinder Rana from International City, Dubai: My table and water dispenser was shaking. I felt the quake and immediately vacated the building with kids and husband.
Dev Joel from Murgab, Dubai, UAE: Quite strong, Chairs & Shelves door shaked well. Found some outer wall cracks.
Carole Bentley from Dubai festival city: My light fittings have only recently stopped swinging! The whole apartment block shook for at least two minutes.
Savio Creado from Sharjah: Felt mild shaking of the ground here in Sharjah today (16th April 2013 at around 2:47pm local time). It lasted for only 5-10 seconds. The whole house shook for those few seconds.
Diane Pyper from Dubai: Earth tremor felt today in Bur Dubai in the UAE. I live on the 4th floor and the room shook for side to side for at least 15 seconds and then again for another 10seconds at approx 14.50 16th April 2013.
Mohamed Awad from Al Wasl Road, Jumeira: I was sitting on the sofa and I felt the shaking. At first, I thought I am imagining but when I looked at the light hanging from the ceiling moving back and forth, then I realized it is an earthquake. This happened at 2.48 pm.
Reggi Mathews from Dubai, Shk Zayed Road: We have lived here since few years. First time, we felt the building moving. Windows creaking, hanging lights in living room swaying. Our heads were going weird. We are just on the 4th floor yet we felt it. There must have been a strong quake somewhere not very far from here...I guess. Hope all are safe.

These are felt reports directly submitted to through felt report form. Feel free to add your experience with this earthquake in the comment section below. Thanks.

Update 14:55 UTC
Iran-Pakistan is currently on second number in top twitter trend. #BostonMarathon has occupied first position.  A bomb recently exploded in Boston Marathon. New York's LaGuardia airport has also been partially evacuated due to report of suspicious package.

Update 14:25 UTC
Iran has officially denied the death of 40 people in its country. Indian medias are reporting 12 deaths in Pakistan. Disaster response teams have arrived the affected area.
Photo below by Sara Muzzamil of Tribuna Pakistan shows people evacuating from buildings in Karachi.


Update 14:05 UTC

-State of emergency have been declared in Saravan area of Iran.
-Gchine uranium mine/mill is located 570 km far from epicenter.

Update 13:30 UTC
Online medias are reporting 40 deaths.
However the death toll is not officially confirmed by respective countries. Pakistanis officials have just confirmed six fatalities in Balochistan province.
Pakistan earthquake relief team is being ready to go in the earthquake affected areas.

Update 13:00 UTC

-There are 290,000 people within 100 km.
-Tremor was even felt in Delhi and Gurgaon, India.
-This was a subduction-zone quake.

Update 12:35 UTC

Tremor was felt in United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, India, Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia.

Update 12:15 UTC

Khash lies about 86 km far from the epicenter. According to USGS PAGER MAP, severe shaking of MMI VII will have felt in that region. Fatalities and wide spread destruction in those region expected.

Update 12:00 UTC

MMI VII (Severe): Khash
MMI VI: Zahedan, Iranshahr, Rudbar, `Alaqahdari Dishu and Mirabad
MMI V: Zaranj, Turbat, Zabol and Chah Bahar

M 7.8 mega earthquake Iran-Pakistan Border today, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake's epicenter was located 86 km ESE of Khash and 167 km NE of Iranshahr. It was 51.0 miles deep.

The epicenter was near the south-east city of Khash, close to the Pakistani border.

10:44 UTC (local time Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 03:44:20 PM at epicenter

Epicenter Location
86 km (53 miles) ESE of Khash, Iran
167 km (103 miles) NE of Iranshahr, Iran
198 km (123 miles) SE of Zahedan, Iran
237 km (147 miles) SSW of Rudbar, Afghanistan

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