Last Updated: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturn hurricane 20 times bigger than average earth hurricane!

Nasa has recently released a photo of Saturn hurricane which is 20 times larger than an average hurricane on the Earth.

Saturn hurricane captured by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft looks like a rose. Cassini was launched from Cape Canaveral in 1997 and arrived at Saturn in 2004. 


Above image of Saturn hurricane was captured on November 27, 2012 from a distance of approximately 261,000 miles.

The jaw-dropping image of Saturn hurricane has surprised the scientists because of its close resemblance to hurricanes on Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope in 1998 captured a rare cyclone 1,100 miles in diameter in the northern polar region of Mars. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is also said to be the storm with huge dimension. But no hurricanes.

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