Last Updated: Friday, July 12, 2013

Flooded river engulfs 9 kids in India

Flooded tributary of the Kosi river in Bihar, India has claimed lives of 10 people including nine kids, Indian News medias reported.

A boat carrying 11 people got capsized in Madhepura in a flooded tributary of Kosi River. Nearby villagers could only save a girl.

Tragedy happened at around 10.30 pm Thursday night when they were returning from Pandit Basa village after attending a function.

Among the fatalities are five girls and four boys between 8 to 12 years age, NDTV has written quoting District Magistrate Upendra Kumar.

Recent floods in Bihar have affected  more than 100 villages with worst in Purnea, Araria, Kishanganj, Muzaffarpur and Katihar, disaster management official said.

2008 Kosi flood, the worst flood in Bihar in the last 50 years, made more than three million people homeless.

The Kosi (or Koshi) River which is a trans-boundary river flowing through Nepal and India is also known as 'Sorrow of Bihar'.

Flash floods in Odisha and Hyderabad

Flash floods in Odisha and Hyderabad have claimed lives of at least three people and left two missing.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has already reviewed the emergency preparedness strategies and directed the officials to take preventive measures.

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