Last Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2013

Darfur flood kills 5, injures 17

Recent floods in Darfur have claimed lives of at least five people and injured seventeen others.

Lightning strikes, floods heavily affected Umm Ger Namali in Wadi Salih locality in Central Darfur.

Floods have damaged at least 50 houses and killed 50 animals. According to Radio Dabanga, lightning strikes injured five people at Nertiti camp and destroyed 40 houses.

Villagers are waiting the government authorities and humanitarian relief organizations for assitance, Radio Dabanga reported.

In early August 2013, flooding in Sudan claimed lives of 10 people. An emergency situation was called by North Darfur local government.

The 2007 Darfur flood had claimed lives of at least 64 people. Darfur (دار فور‎ Dār Fūr) is a region in western Sudan.

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