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Fiji issues flood warnings as Cyclone Winston intensifies

Fiji Meteorological Service issued at 07:00 UTC Thursday 11 February 2016 Fiji Meteorological Service has issued flood warning for all ...

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lightning strikes kill 5 women in Uttar Pradesh, India

Five women were killed after being struck by lightning in separate incidents in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Two were killed in Jafarpur Mahava and Chak Guraini villages in Manjhanpur area whereas two others were hit by lightning in Lohkatia and Saidpur Ali villages, IBN Live reported.

Lightning in Lodhaur village claimed life of a 12 years old girl.

Earlier in May 2013, lightning in Uttar Pradesh had claimed lives of eight people. India lacks proper lightning protection systems.

Original post: Natural Disasters List August 14, 2013