Last Updated: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Britain Christmas storm claims 3 lives

Strong storm has caused floods, power cuts and travel chaos to much of Britain claiming lives of at least three persons.

Hurricane-force winds of up to 87 miles per hour hit the country bringing torrential downpours which caused rivers to swell and flood.

A man drowned in the Rothay River near Ambleside, Cumbria. The body of a woman was found in a river in Bethesda, Gwynedd, in North Wales. Similarly, a motorist died at Bolventor in Cornwall after a hailstorm caused three cars to collide, The Telegraph reported.

Around 30 flights from London's Heathrow airport have been cancelled.

The Environment Agency has issued 193 flood alerts and 29 flood warnings.

Northern Ireland is expected to face some of the stormiest weather in the UK on Christmas Eve.

Original post: Natural Disasters List December 23, 2013