Last Updated: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Natural Disasters List February 25, 2014

Recent Natural Disasters 2014: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.
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Recent Natural Disasters

Recent Earthquakes 
  • M 3.8 light earthquake in Montana (@ 5 km depth) with epicenter located 59 km S of Plentywood. People of Brockton and Froid will have felt light to weak shaking.
    22:45 UTC (local time 2014-02-25 15:45 @ epicenter)
  • M 4.5 moderate earthquake in Kodiak Island region, Alaska (@ 58  km depth).
  • M 3.2 weak shallow earthquake in Spain (@ 8 km depth) with epicenter located 9 km S of Alicante.
    15:13 UTC (local time 16:13 2014-02-25 @ epicenter)
  • M 4.5 moderate earthquake in China (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter located in Xinjiang-Qinghai border region.

Recent Flash Floods
  • -

Recent Volcanic Activity
  • Poas volcano eruption in Costa Rica
    A dark cloud has exploded about 1,000 feet in the air from Poas volcano eruption.
    -The Poas volcano erupted just after noon Tuesday in Poas Volcano National Park. Click for detail report on Poas volcano eruption.

Recent Tropical Cyclones
  • According to the Fiji Meteorology, a category one cyclone will hit Fiji by Saturday.

Natural Disaster News


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This natural disaster list contains daily list of natural disasters around the world. The page is break down into various parts as Recent Natural Disasters (real time update report on rolling natural disaster around the world), Recent Earthquakes (only earthquakes which are felt by people), Recent Volcanic Activity (erupting volcanoes), Recent Flash Floods (ongoing flood information), Recent Tropical Cyclones (active cyclones) and Natural Disaster News (facts and news about natural/environmental disasters and hazards on various topics like Tornado, Tsunami, Wildfire, Drought, Hailstorm, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Epidemic, Famine, Lahar, Limnic Eruption, Mudflow, Solar Flare and other disasters).
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The global natural disaster data and natural calamities statistics are collected from different sources like USGS, EMSC, GDACS, EDIS and others.