Last Updated: Monday, August 4, 2014

Light earthquake in Yangon, Myanmar today

M 4.0 light earthquake shakes Myanmar's Yangon region today, the Yangon Hydrology and Meteorology Department mentioned in its website.

According to the Yangon Hydrology and Meteorology Department, the earthquake was recorded inside Myanmar (Yangon), about 1 mile west-northwest of Kaba-aye seismological observatory.

The earthquake in Yangon (Rangoon) occurred at 15:41:24 hours M.S.T (09:11:24 GMT). No damage or injuries have been recorded from earthquake in Yangon today.

“The Sagaing fault produces high-magnitude quakes at long intervals. But the Taikkyi fault in northern Yangon region can create small quakes of about 3 to 4 magnitude", Myanmar Times had reported in December 2012 quoting Myanmar Earthquake Committee (MEC). The report also mentioned that many buildings in Yangon might not survive even a small quake.

Yangon is located in Lower Burma (Myanmar) at the convergence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers.

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