Last Updated: Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dangerous weather in Bulgaria’s Burgas prompt emergency

A state of emergency has been declared in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Burgas due to the potentially dangerous weather .

Some 50 people have been evacuated from their houses due to the heavy rainfall in the suburbs Chernitsa near Burgas, Novinite has reported quoting the Bulgarian National Radio.

Increased water levels have been observed in two of the reservoirs in the municipality of Burgas near the village of Izvor.

Several houses have been flooded Yasna Polyana and Novo Panicharevo village in Primorsko municipality including a monastery in Ayazmoto near Meden Rudnik.

Heavy rainfall and landslides have affected the areas. State of emergency has been declared in the city of Gabrovo, and in the village Banite in the Smolyan municipality.

Original post: Natural Disasters List October 26, 2014