Last Updated: Monday, October 27, 2014

South Australia hit by 80,000 lightning strikes

About 80,000 lighting strikes hit South Australia in 24 hours, particularly in the mid and upper north, in the Adelaide Hills and the southern metropolitan area, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Vince Rowlands said Weather Zone Australia.

Lighting strikes caused fires at Nectar Brook in the southern Flinders Ranges, at Alligator Gorge, near Melrose, and at Shaggy Ridge.

Thirty-eight firefighters were involved in extinguishing the blaze to an area of about eight hectares at Horrocks Vale Station near the Horrocks Pass.

Lighting strikes also sparked fires on Eyre Peninsula and caused thousands of homes across the South Australia states without power throughout the morning. No injuries have been reported.

Lightning strikes in Victoria at Melbourne Airport caused delays to flights in and out of Adelaide.


Photo shows lightning strikes at Port Adelaide, October 27, 2014 (Kevin Peach/Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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