Last Updated: Sunday, December 7, 2014

Emergency continues following floods in Bulgaria

The state of emergency declared after heavy flooding in southeast of Bulgaria continues on Saturday.

Torrential rainfall caused flooding in both Galabovo and Radnevo, with blackout in Galabovo, Novinite reported.

According to the Sofia Globe, a “code red” danger warning has been issued for the Maritsa River valley near the town of Svilengrad and along the Tundzha River valley near Elhovo in southern Bulgaria.

Fifteen people have been evacuated after Sredetska River burst its banks and flooded four houses in the village of Debelt in the Bourgas area, Sofia Globe added.

Torrential rainfall caused severe flash flooding across northeastern Bulgaria in June 2014 and claimed lives of at least 16 people. Earlier, a state of emergency was declared in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Burgas due to the potentially dangerous weather .

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