Last Updated: Monday, December 29, 2014

'Jangmi' storm in Mindanao, Philippines kills 3

Tropical storm Jangmi (known locally as Seniang) in Mindanao, Philippines has claimed lives of at least three people and left one missing.

Tropical storm Jangmi hit Surigao del Sur province on northern Mindanao in the early hours of Monday morning GMT.

"The storm, locally named “Seniang” and with winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, hit southern island of Mindanao, then crossed to the central islands", Inquirer has written quoting the state weather buerau.

According to the Manila Airport Authority, Jangmi storm forced the cancellation of 32 domestic flights.

Earlier this month Super Typhoon Hagupit lashed central provinces of Philippines.

Original post: Natural Disasters List December 29, 2014