Last Updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Worst storm since 2009 kills 3 in Catalonia, Spain

Severe storm in Catalonia, Spain has claimed lives of at least three people and left one seriously injured.

Two people died in the town of Terrassa when a wall collapsed, while a 60-year-old Swedish woman was killed when winds flipped her car over, The Local reported.

According to New Europe Online, a rail crewman also got injured when a train partially derailed after running into a fallen tree. The region remained on alert Wednesday, The Catalan government said.

Winds reaching up to 120 kilometers per hour ripped off roof tops and tore down walls and trees in Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia. It is believed to the worst storm since 2009 in the area which caused power cuts to around 43,000 homes,  The Local added.

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