Last Updated: Friday, February 27, 2015

Flooding in Madagascar kills 14, displaces 21,000

Recent flooding in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo and the surrounding area have claimed lives of at least 14 people and displaced more than 21,000 people.

According to  the National Risks and Disasters Management Agency (BNGRC),  a red alert has been issued in the lowlands of Antananarivo. 

Prime Minister Jean Ravelonarivo visited affected areas early Friday and speedboats were being used to evacuate hard-hit areas, AFP has mentioned.

This is the part of information issued by the National Risks and Disasters Management Agency (BNGRC):
Au moins 14 décès ont été enregistrés suite aux fortes pluies et à l'inondation qui ont touchées plusieurs localités d'Antananarivo. Les secours et les évacuations se poursuivent actuellement. Toute la population est encouragée à rester vigilante face aux divers risques d'éboulement, d'effondrement d'immeuble et de montée des eaux.
Last month, tropical storm Chedza claimed dozen of lives in Madagascar.