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Recent Natural Disasters List April 20, 2015 – Japan, Taiwan Tsunami alert

Recent Natural Disasters 2015: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.

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Major Natural Disasters Today
  • Strong earthquake off Taiwan
    -A powerful earthquake off Taiwan on Monday morning caused a fire killing one person and injuring other.
    -The 6.4 magnitude quake caused a junction box near a residential building in New Taipei City to explode, which stared the fire. Click for detail report on Taiwan quake.
  • Thunderstorm in Manipur, India
    -Thunderstorm that hit three villages in the Imphal East District of Manipur, India has damaged more than 100 houses.
    -Thunderstorm caused heavy damage at Keibi and Chanung with several trees and bamboos uprooted in the areas. Click for detail report on Manipur thunderstorm.

Recent Earthquakes
  • M 3.7 light earthquake in Oklahoma (@ 2 km depth) with epicenter located 11 km W of Medford. It will have been well felt by the people of Enid, Ponca City and Arkansas City, Kansas.
    12:08 UTC ( local time: 07:08; 2015-04-20 @ epicenter)
  • M 6.2 strong earthquake in Japan (@ 36 km depth) with epicenter located 70 km SW of Yonakuni. Light shaking of MMI IV will have been felt by the people of Yonakuni, Yilan, Hualian, Taipei, Taoyuan City and Banqiao. People of Hsinchu, Taichung, Keelung, Kaohsiung and Tainan will have been felt weak shaking of MMI III.
    11:45 UTC (local time: 20:45; 2015-04-20 @ epicenter)
  • M 6.0 strong earthquake in Indonesia (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter located 160 km WSW of Kuripan. Weak shaking of MMI III will have been felt by the people of Biha, Kuripan, Bengkulu, Pagaralam, Krui, Banding Agung, Baturaja, Lubuklinggau, Metro, Bandarlampung and Palembang.
    09:05 UTC ( local time: 16:05; 2015-04-20 @ epicenter)
  • M 4.7 moderate earthquake in Venezuela (@ 83 km depth) with epicenter located 24 km NNW of Gueiria. It will have been well felt by the people of Carupano, Point Fortin, Chaguanas and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
    07:11 UTC (local time: 02:41; 2015-04-20 @ epicenter) 
  • M 6.4 strong earthquake in Taiwan (@ 29 km depth) with epicenter located 66 km SE of Su'ao. Following USGS PAGER MAP, light shaking of MMI IV will have been felt by the people of Yilan, Taipei, Hualian, Banqiao, Yonakuni, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu and Taichung. People of Kaohsiung, Keelung and Tainan will have been felt weak shaking of MMI III.
    01:42 UTC (local time: 10:42; 2015-04-20 @ epicenter)
    Japan has issued an alert about a 1m (3ft) tsunami after the earthquake struck in the southern island chain of Okinawa. Click for detail report on Taiwan quake.

Recent Flash Floods
  • Flooding in NSW Coast, Australia
    -The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) has responded to more than 1450 calls for help, with the majority of requests coming from the greater Sydney region, Daily Mail reported.
    -At least one person has been rescued from floodwaters at Parramatta.

Recent Volcanic Activity
  • No major volcanic activity reported today.

Recent Tropical Cyclones
  • No active cyclone recorded today.

Natural Disaster News
  • Caribbean and Central American countries have formalized partnership for catastrophe risk insurance making Central American countries to be eligible to join a World Bank-backed insurance scheme. The Council of Ministers of Finance of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (COSEFIN) and CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) have signed a memorandum of understanding to allow Central American countries to join the sovereign catastrophe risk insurance pool. Click for detail report on catastrophe risk insurance facility.

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