Map of Major Natural Disasters 2015
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Last Updated: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Darjeeling landslides kill 30 in recent Indian natural disasters

Landslides in West Bengal's Darjeeling district of India have claimed lives of atleast 30 people on Wednesday.

Heavy rainfall triggered landslides at Tingling Tea Garden under Mirik block of Kurseong sub-division claiming lives of 20 people. At least seven died in Kalimpong sub-division, The Hindustan Times reported.

Three light tremors rattle Nepal, total number of aftershocks reaches 338

Three light aftershocks rattled Nepal on Wednesday, taking the total number of aftershocks of magnitude 4 or greater in the country to 338 after the major April 25 earthquake which killed nearly 9,000 people.

First aftershock of magnitude 4.0 earthquake was recorded in Sindhupalchowk at 03:33 am Wednesday morning. The epicenter was located near Batase.

Last Updated: Monday, June 29, 2015

Puerto Rico asteroid prophecy claims massive tsunamis this September — United States, Mexico at highest risk

Puerto Rico asteroid prediction has currently become viral claiming massive earthquakes and tsunamis enough to devastate the east coast of the United States, Mexico, central and southern America this September.

An online community of biblical theorists have predicted the end of the world by collision of asteroid with the Earth between 22 – 28 September 2015.

Indonesia's Mount Raung volcano at high alert after multiple tremors

The status of Mount Raung volcano in Indonesia has been raised from ‘waspada’ (alert) to ‘siaga’ (high alert).

The volcano level was increased to siaga starting from 9 a.m. today because of increase in its earth tremors, The Jakarta Post reported quoting the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG).

M 5.0 earthquake in Ramechhap shakes Nepal's capital Kathmandu

Update 05:55 am

According to Nepal Seismological Center, an aftershock of magnitude 5.0 has been recorded in Ramechhap at 05:42 am Monday morning. The epicenter was located near Saghutar. It occurred at a shallow depth of 2 km.

Last Updated: Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gujarat flooding kills 81 — Thousands airlifted from Uttarakhand

Recent floods in Gujarat, India have claimed lives of at least 81 people with thousands of pilgrims being airlifted from Uttarakhand region.

According to Hindustan Times, most of the deaths have been reported from worst-hit Amreli district in Saurashtra.

M 5.6 earthquake in Assam today rattles Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal

Magnitude 5.6 moderate, shallow earthquake in Assam, India rattled neighboring Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal today.

According to India Meteorological Department, the earthquake was recorded in Kokrajhar region of Assam at 06:35 am local time. It occurred at 10 km depth.

Last Updated: Saturday, June 27, 2015

Asteroid WON'T END WORLD in September 22-28, 2015 — It's all a hoax

An online community of biblical theorists have predicted the end of the world between 22 – 28 September 2015 due to collision of asteroid with the Earth.

The end of the world in September 2015 was first claimed by self-proclaimed prophet Rev Efrain Rodriguez. Despite their lack of credentials, the popularity of the prediction has now forced NASA to speak up, dismissing the theory as unfounded, Daily Mail reported.