Last Updated: Friday, March 30, 2012

Severe Flooding In Fiji Islands

Disaster Report: Heavy rainfall caused bursting of river banks resulting in flash flood in Fiji Islands.

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People stranded in the flood;
Source fijivillage

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Natural Disasters List March 30, 2012
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-$1.2M cost of agriculture damages is expected by flooding in Sigatoka
-The livestock damages are estimated at $108,000

Update April 5, 2012
-Two more dead bodies found today, making death toll at six so far. Two bodies were found floating in Waimanu River.
-More than 14,000 people are still taking shelter in different evacuation centers in Fiji.

Update 12:50 UTC

-Flood waters have started receding in Western Division and parts of Rewa.
-According to government officials in Fiji, all schools in the Central and Eastern Division will resume classes tomorrow.

Update April 3, 2012
-More than 11,000 people are taking shelter in 50 evacuation centres.
-Emergency packs with first aid kits, blankets and cooking utensils will be distributed those at Semo Village.

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Power has been restored in Rakiraki and Ba.


Nadi Weather Office has named the tropical cyclone in West South West of Nadi as "Daphne". A gale warning is issued in Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca group, Southern Lau group, Kadavu and nearby smaller islands. Daphne is currently moving South East at about 25 km/hr.
Severe flood is again expected in Viti Levu.

Update April 2, 2012

-Due to heavy rainfall, Vaturu Dam in Nadi overflowed causing flash flood.
-Several roads flooded. Kings Highway Wailotua and Naqia Bridges are still closed. While there is good news that earlier flooded Queens highway is now accessible.

-Recent landslides in Central Fiji destroyed power lines.

Update 15:14 UTC

-One more body found in Nadi river. Now, the death toll by Fiji flood rises to three.
-Following recent official report, the water level in Rewa River in Nausori has reached 4.58 meters, a critical point.
-About 100 people are taking shelter in Mission school in Sigatoka.


11 miners injured when water and rocks fell on them at the Vatukoula Gold Mines.


Several air pacific flights to Nadi have been cancelled for tomorrow (April 2). Flights from Tarawa, Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland to Nadi have been cancelled.


Tropical cyclone Alert is issued in Fiji. Following the Nadi Weather Office, a tropical depression was located about 1,200 kilometres West North West of Nadi. It is expected to become a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours.

Update April 1, 2012

-Today, the government of Fiji issued an "urgent" message to people living near the Rewa River to move to high ground. Rewa River has burst its banks in a number of areas.

-All schools in the Western Division will remain closed from tomorrow until Thursday

Update 17:50 UTC

-500 residents are currently living in the 14 evacuation centres in Lautoka.

-Waima bridge in Vunidawa, Waila bridge at Natavea road, and Vatuwaqa bridge at Monasavu road are all under water.
-Another problem can be vandalism or looting in affected area.

Update 10:58 UTC

-57 people are taking shelter in 5 evacuation centers in Rakiraki
-Heavy rainfall in Rakiraki
-Water level in Rewa and Navua river is in peak. Following officials, as of 7 pm (local time) the water level at the Rewa river is 3.5 meters.

Update 08:23 UTC
-People living in low living areas near Rewa river have started to move to high grounds
-Heavy rainfall in Sigatoka. Flash flood expected
-Togomasi Bridge collapsed due to flood water in Qeleloa Nadi

Update March 31, 2012
-A 57 old woman died at evacuation center in Sabeto. She was patient of Daibetes.
-Navo Bridge washed away by flood water. It was only the way from Nadi town or the Nadi International Airport from Queens Highway going towards Nadi from Suva.

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-Semo bridge in Sigatoka is closed due to flooding.
Korotogo road in Sigatoka and Baleinaga and Naqia bridge in the King Roads is also closed
-Nine schools in Ba have been opened as evacuation centers for the flood victims. Ba is one of the worst affected areas so far.

Several air pacific flights to and from Nadi have been cancelled for March 31st 2012. Flights from Honolulu, Port Vila and Hong Kong to Nadi have been cancelled. Similarly outbound flights to Auckland, Port Vila, Sydney and Hong Kong have also been cancelled.

Severe Flash flood reported in Fiji Islands today. The floods have cut off access to highways and forced evacuations.
At the moment serious situation is in Nadi region. Nadi is the third-largest conurbation in Fiji which is located on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu.
Heavy rains have caused rivers to burst their banks in the west of the main island Viti Levu.
The Fire Service used boats to evacuated people. Flood affected people are living in 11 evacuation centers in different parts of the Islands.
Following fijireporter, hundreds of people have been stranded on their rooftops in Nadi.
Different flights  to and from Nadi have been cancelled.
Recent heavy rainfall is caused by a shallow tropical depression located west-southwest of Nadi.

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