Last Updated: Monday, April 2, 2012

Natural Disasters List April 2, 2012

Disaster Report: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.

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Sandstorm in Dunhuang city in western
Gansu, China; Source Xinhua
Recent Natural Disasters
  • Biggest Sandstorm in Dunhuang city in western Gansu, China
    -Following local meteorological officials, Gansu province was hit by the biggest sandstorm in 2012 so far.
    -Jiayuguan and Jiuquan in Central Gansu also affected where visibility was reduced to less than 900 meters.
    -A yellow wind alert issued. The sandstorm is expected to end by late today.
  • Landslide in Central Fiji
    -Power lines in Central Fiji reported to be destroyed by landslides.
    -Recent Landslides is due to heavy rainfall from several days which has also caused severe flooding across Fiji Islands. The authorities have already declared state of emergency in the flood- hit Western Division.

Recent Earthquake list
Did you feel it? - Report an Earthquake
  • M 6.3 very strong aftershocks in Oxaca, Mexico (@ 12 km depth) today with epicenter located 15 km SE Ometepec. About 164,000 people will have felt strong shaking of MMI VI. Click for detail update on Guerrero, Mexico earthquake
    17:36 UTC (local time Monday, April 02, 2012 at 12:36 PM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.8 moderate earthquake in Atacama, Chile (@ 34 km depth) with epicenter located 23 km NW Andacollo. Weak shaking will have felt by the people of Vallenar and La serena.
    06:37 UTC (local time Monday, April 02, 2012 at 02:37 AM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.5 moderate earthquake near the Coast of Nicaragua (@ 49 km depth) with epicenter located 85 km SW of Chinandega. Just a weak shaking of MMI II-III will have felt in coastal area.
    01:46 UTC (local time Sunday, April 01, 2012 at 07:46 PM @ epicenter)

Volcanic Activity List

Flooding List
  • Flash floods in Fiji
    -Due to heavy rainfall, Vaturu Dam in Nadi overflowed causing flash flood.
    -Several roads flooded. Kings Highway Wailotua and Naqia Bridges are still closed. While there is good news that earlier flooded Queens highway is now accessible. Click for detail update on Fiji floods
  • Heavy rainfall in Mpulungu, Zambia
    -Several houses collapsed in Musumbe village of Zambia (Africa) after torrential rainfall, leaving 10 people homeless.
    -About seven hectares of cassava fields destroyed in Kasakalawe village.
    -Mpulungu area is famous for fishing. Only few people engage in agriculture.

Tropical Cyclone List
  • Tropical cyclone Daphne
    -Tropical Cyclone Daphne is currently located about 550 kilometres west southwest of Nadi.
    -Daphne is moving southeast at about 35 km/hr.
    -A gale warning is issued in Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca group, Southern Lau group, Kadavu and nearby smaller islands. Heavy rainfall is expected in Fiji islands. Fiji is already suffering from extreme flash floods from several days.
  • Tropical cyclone Pakhar
    -By late today (April 2), Pakhar will weaken to just a tropical depression.
    -Pakhar is heading towards Cambodia.

Natural Disaster News

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