Last Updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Injured In Oklahoma Tornadoes

Disaster Report: Two people reported to be injured as two tornadoes hit Oklahoma today. One tornado reported 3 miles south-southwest of Woodward  and other east of Sharon.

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Two tornadoes hit northwest Oklahoma injuring at least two people.
Following The National Weather Service, One tornado was spotted 3 miles south-southwest of Woodward  and other east of Sharon.
Heavy Storm along with hails damaged some vehicles and roof of the houses.
According to officials at Woodward County Emergency Management, an infant was cut by glass when hail knocked out windows in its parents' vehicle
Damage of about $250,000 estimated.
Woodward is the largest city in a nine-county area which lies on the North Canadian River.
One killed and other two injured after a tornado touched down in Jefferson County this March.