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Earthquake In Swaziland/South Africa-Many Felt Reports

Disaster Report: Earthquake tremor felt in Swaziland. People are reporting of light to moderate shaking.

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-According to Swaziland Geo science officials, earthquake of magnitude four is confirmed. It may be the reason (issue reported earlier, see below) that no major seismological centers reported this quake (mostly records M 4.5+ for international country).
-The earthquake tremor was even felt across South Africa. It was widely felt across Newcastle, Ladysmith, Dundee, Mkuze, Piet Retief, and Pongola.
-Minor aftershocks were also felt in KwaZulu-Natal midlands.
About epicenter location of Swaziland earthquake
The epicenter of the tremor was at Maguga dam (latitude -26.075, longitude 31.248). According to the Director of Geology Simon Mhlanga, Swaziland did not have a history of earthquakes but tremors were likely but will not be on a regular basis. Swaziland is seated on stable kaapvaal craton of the continent so earthquakes were unlikely. Click here for google satellite map of greater epicenter area.

Cause of earthquake in Swaziland
This is what Director of Geology Simon Mhlanga said:
It was not an earthquake but a tremor which was something minor. The epicenter of the tremor was at Maguga dam (Komati) which might be due to the water load on the rocks.

Important Update 2012/05/28
After long, department of geological survey and mines has confirmed earthquake around Mankayane and Mangcongco. Team is expected to investigate the effects of the tremor and its origins today.
But no any major seismological center has mentioned about this earthquake. The earthquake news became viral instantly through facebook and twitter in Swaziland. The reason for no record is a mystery. One may be the reason the intensity could be less (less moderate, below 4.5). Well, have to wait till Swaziland department of geological survey and mines provide any further data.

Swazi Trails from Ezulwini Valley, Swazilandwa reports light shaking of MMI IV. In his site swazitrails, he mentions:
-Swaziland happily sits in one of the more stable areas of the globe and seismic activity is a very rare event.
-Many folk were quick to call it the Bushfire Earthquake, which is not surprising as we’ve just come to the end of a weekend of earth-moving good vibe at the annual MTN Bushfire International Festival of the Arts.

Earthquake also reported to be felt in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga

Haye Jean from Louis Nhlangano writes, "Around 21h00 locale a tremor for approximately 15 seconds in Nhlangano felt by many people"

Getting floods of felt reports. (felt reports below, more will be update soon, keep sending). From the felt report, shaking seems to be weak to moderate.

Earthquake tremor reported on this blog from manzini, Matsapha, Mbabane of Swaziland. many felt reports are coming from these areas. The epicenter must be around or close to Mbabane. Remember, this is the exclusive post on this Swaziland earthquake.

Earthquake has recently stucked Swaziland. However no any major seismological centers, either USGS, EMSC has reported any thing about this quake. Lots of visitors are currently online on this blog from Swaziland area. Click here if you felt any tremor in Swaziland
Swaziland (Ngwane or Swatini) is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered to the north, south and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique.
The South Africa; Swaziland: Mbabane-manzini earthquake on February 7, 2000 had a magnitude of 4.5. The earthquake caused 1 injuries, deaths and damage in millions.

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Felt reports as received through felt report form
Lindani PrinceLicks Mabuza in facebook page: Bhunya, Manzini, Swaziland a minor Earthquake hit this area at 20:52:42 at GMT +2.
Mbongeni Magagula from Mbabane, Swaziland:
Was in a second floor building when I felt the tremor which I first thought it was a car moving but I was next to a huge Rock in which no car would move, after realizing that it was indeed an earthquake I rushed out of the room and got many people in the campus outside also shocked.
Hayley Lily from Mbabane, Swaziland: Rather scary, rumbled off but my house and its contents were shaken up!
John Lowsby from Mbuluzi, Mbabane: Very short, a few seconds, accompanied by a reverberation like a large truck passing.
Themba Mahlalela from Ext. 3, Mbabane: Around 2100hrs, We were watching tv with family when we felt the shaking. Asked my wife if she was feeling it too she said yes, but first thought it was me shaking the sofa. Our neighbour's dogs started barking too.
Darron Raw from Mantenga, Swaziland: Deep rumble, shaking, then rattling of window panes.
Jonathan Meyer from Nhlangano: Light but obviuos movement and rumbling as if a large truck was passing.
Haye Jean Louis from Nhlangano: Around 21h00 locale a tremor for approximately 15 secondes in Nhlangano felt by many people until the north region including Nkomazi region up north at 200kms from here.
Keke Manana from Mankayane: I was in my 1 room, when i heard the roofing shaking.i ran out of my house imediately,because i was very shocked.
Stewart Harding from Swaziland Mbabane (Dalriach East): 4-7 Seconds of light shaking, a bit of house squeaking.No damage..Must have been fun for the guys and girls. At the Bush Fire music festival!
Ramila Patel from Waterford Kamhlaba, UWCSA: At 20.55, whole house began to shake,shuddering windows lasted for about 30 seconds.
From wakkerstroom, South africa: We felt the same shaking and noise here in wakkerstroom, south africa.
Lindani Mabuza from Bhunya, Swaziland: I was watching a movie Anaconda 3, and suddenly i saw the TV shifting to the right. I checked outside no car was passing by and i decided to switch it off. I felt the world shaking with a rumbling sound covering my ears.
Shan McGinn from Mhlambanyatsi, Swaziland: The shaking and noise were much lighter than the earthquake we had on 8th April 2000. This one lasted for about 15 to 29 seconds and sounded like a large truck going by.
David Jay from swaziland: It felt weird coz there i was on my bed..with my cell..on my social network..suddenly the building i'm in starts shaking..#Mona Flat..!!
Easter Raath from Bulembu, Swaziland: Windows and floor shook. Felt like a heavy vehicle passing by.
Ralf from Paulpietersburg, South Africa: At 21h00 27 May 2012 felt moderate shaking and thunder-like rumble from earthquake.
Dan-Bush Bhusumane from Kwaluseni: I heard some sound (like a big plane) followed by shaking of the house. I just suspected it was an earth tremor. I started checking various news channels and when I could not find anything I googled using today's date to confirm if there was any earthquake in Southern Africa.
Masumasu Nkambule from Mbabane: Well when it hit i was study,im sure everyone felt it cause it was all over facebook...Now all i wish to know is what is the cause...since this is not usual in Swaziland and is the any research taking place,if so where can we swazi's get info...???
Phetsile dube from nhlangano: I felt the couch sliding and thats when my cousin noticed that it was an earthquake tremor. I first thought it was my fathers truck because he was outside and he said he saw the whole house shaking. Mom, who was in her room followed the movement which was from the south to the north.
Elin Hagemann from Esikhotheni Lodge, Jozini Dam, KZN: Gentle rumble for about 15 seconds ... thought it was someone racing along the gravel road at first, then the bottles on my counter started clinging against each other.
Cornelius Aveling from Vryheid, South Africa: Felt a light shaking and heard windows rattle in the manner of what you'll expect from a helicopter flying low overhead. lasted about 20-30 sec.
Kevin Sprague from Manzini: Sounded like a Large Plane buzzing the house, more sound than vibration. Loud sound lasted for a few seconds.
Nkosi siboe from Mbabane: It was scary since it was d first of its kind!
Amena Khan from Piet Retief,South Africa: There was first light shaking then a slight pause then the house began to shake a bit stronger and it last about 20 seconds

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