Last Updated: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Assam Major Earthquake Prediction Go Viral : But No Earthquake

Disaster Report: M 4.0 light earthquake shakes Sikkim-Nepal Border Region Today at 07:24 local time + Assam earthquake prediction have gone viral on internet. But so far there is no earthquake as the predictions said

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Important Update

The rumor panicked people in Assam. The news was viral when an astrologers, who also publishes almanac Kalpurush in Assamese claimed possibilities of three major earthquakes in coming days through a local television channel.
One of the earthquake was predicted to hit Assam around 4 P.M. today.
There is also report of many offices and schools closed before their schedule time. Many people in guhawati were outside of their home because of fear of coming earthquake but NO ANY EARTHQUAKE HIT GUHAWATI, ASSAM AREA.  

Assamese Kalpurush Panjika
The panjika is the Hindu astronomical almanac, published in Maithili, Assamese, Bengali and Oriya. There are Six Panji in Oriya , Asali Khadiratna Panjeeka, Biraja Panji , Bhagyadaya Panji, Kohinoor Panji, Gaudiya Vishnava Panjika and Madala Panji. Madala Panji , this is the 1st Panjika in Indian regional Language started from 12th century . It is the main source and evidence of Orissa History . Pathani samanta Chandra Sekar ( 1835 to 1904) has revived the Oriya Panjika in scientific way and the Gaudiya Vishnava Panjika. Similarly, in Assam there is the Kalpurush Panjika (source wikipedia)

Update 16:15 local time

USGS has just updated about an earthquake in Myanmar after one and half hour after it stucked. The earthquake stucked at 09:28 UTC. It is the same time around which people from Assam started searching this blog. USGS mentions M 4.5 earthquake at 123 km depth BUT Guhawati is much far to feel any tremor. Click here if the tremor you felt was also around 3:00 PM
Epicenter location
136 km ESE of Imphal, Manipur, India
168 km SE of Kohima, Nagaland, India
233 km WSW of Myitkyina, Myanmar
865 km N of Rangoon, Myanmar

Update 15:40 local time

No any major seismological center has mentioned about any earthquake in Guhawati till now. The earthquake news became viral instantly through facebook and twitter in Assam. The reason for no record is a mystery (if really earthquake was felt). One may be the reason the intensity could be less (less moderate, below 4.0). Well, have to wait till Seismological center of India provides any data. You are kindly requested to share how you came to know about so called Guhawati earthquake!

Similar case happened in Swaziland/South Africa two days earlier. People reported of earthquake being felt across the country BUT no earthquakes were recorded by any seismological center (don't think similar case, still no any felt reports, click here if you felt tremor). One day after, Swaziland department of geological survey and mines confirmed earthquake of M 4.0. Click here to read that exclusive post

Last earthquake in Assam (2012/05/27)

M 4.5 moderate shallow earthquake in Assam, India (@ 18 km depth) with epicenter close to Kamrup. Earthquake will have well felt by the people of Guwahati and various parts of Assam.
Click for only India earthquake list+ detail report

Update 15:25 local time

Currently huge number of visitors on this blog from Guwahati (Assam), Durgapur (West Bengal) and Calcutta (West Bengal) searching for earthquake in Assam today! (you can see live visitors by clicking red button on left side). Some are even searching updates on today's Sikkim quake. Checked again but there is no official report of further earthquake recorded in Assam at this time. Click here if you felt any tremor


There is news of an earthquake predicted today by an astrologers and fortune-tellers! Will update about this news soon.


A rumor that earthquake will hit Guhawati, Assam, India has panicked local people. "Disaster Report" is getting unexpected hits (viral) from Guhawati area today. If you are one from Guhawati, Assam, please note that THERE IS  NO ANY WAY TO TRACK COMING EARTHQUAKES. NO ONE IN THE GUHAWATI OR ANY PARTS OF THE WORLD CAN PREDICT/FORECAST EARTHQUAKE TO HIT ANY REGION. So is the case with Guhawati too. Its just a rumor that earthquake will hit Guhawati today. Kindly write in comment section below, how did you come to know that earthquake will hit Guhawati today? This blog recommends you read similar post (look comments too) about such rumor which was viral over internet that earthquake and cyclone will hit Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). Click here to read about earthquake rumors in Dubai

Deadly earthquake in Assam
Assam - Tibet 15 August 1950 (magnitude 8.6)
This inland earthquake caused widespread damages to buildings as well as large landslides. 780 people were killed in eastern Tibet, with many villages and towns affected across Assam, China, Tibet and India.

M 4.0 light earthquake shakes shakes Sikkim-Nepal Border Region Today, the Indian seismological center reported.
The epicenter was close to Singalila National Park. It is a national park of India located on the Singalila Ridge at an altitude of more than 7000 feet above sea level, in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
07:33 UTC (local time Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 07:24 AM @ epicenter)

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