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Bologna-Verona Italy Earthquake: 25 Killed, Damage Around 5 Billion Euros

Disaster Report: M 5.9 very strong earthquake shakes Bologna, Italy at 04:03 local time. The quake's epicenter was just 36 km NNW of Bologna, Italy.

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Update 2012/06/05

-Death toll from Italy quake has risen to 25.
-The latest victim was a woman admitted to hospital after being injured in the second quake.
-Damages have been estimated at around 5 billion euros

Below is a raw video of quake victim rescued in Italy


-At least 17 people are confirmed dead now. More than 350 reported injured and 12 are still missing.
-A woman was has alive from rubble 12 hours in the town of Cavezzo after a strong earthquake rocked northern Italy.
-Still several people are believed to be  trapped under the rubble of houses and warehouses in the Emilia-Romagna region.
-Authorities warned that more aftershocks are possible in upcoming days. More than 800 tremors (aftershocks)  were reported since May 20.
Affected people are staying in various evacuation centers. Below is a photo showing children playing outside tents at an evacuation centre in San Felice Sul Panaro, northern Italy.


Update 16:02 UTC

Death toll at 15 and about 20 people injured. Five people still reported to be missing. Fatalities from San Felice sul Panaro,
Mirandola, Finale, Concordia and Rovereto nel Novi (Modena).
Below is a photo of a damaged building in Cavezzo after an earthquake on May 29, 2012.


-Two factories in the cities of Mirandola and Medolla reported to be collapsed.
-More than 5,000 people evacuated. Some buildings and schools evacuated in Milan too.
-Some train lines in the impacted areas were suspended to check the stability of the infrastructures.


-Death toll has risen to  12
-All schools in the area have been evacuated.
-Below is a car destroyed after an earthquake on May 29, 2012 in Cavezzo; Source AFP


Five deaths reported.
San Felice sul Panaro-1
Finale Emilia-1


-Three reported to be killed. Two deaths occurred on via Perossaro in San Felice sul Panaro and third in Mirandola.
-Below is a earthquake video in direct studios of Mantua TV (29 Maggio 2012 - Terremoto in diretta negli studi di MantovaTv)


-M 5.8 very strong aftershocks  with epicenter located 40 km (24 miles) NNW of Bologna.
-The earthquake tremor was even felt in Switzerland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Austria, France and Croatia.

Update May 29, 2012

Another aftershocks in Northern Italy. Will update soon!
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Update May 22

Damage to The Town Hall building on Sant' Agostino
near Ferrara: Source Reuter
-A state of emergency is declared in Northern Italy following this earthquake.
-Emergency will last for two months.
-Government has suspend property taxes on damaged factories and residences in the region around the towns of Modena, Ferrara, Mantova and Bologna.


-Death toll has risen to 7.
-86 years old woman died because of heart attack now making death toll to seven. However, only direct death from earthquake is 4.
-Prime Minister Monti has decided to return to Italy from G8.

Bologna – Verona railway route reopened.
-Telecommunications at Finale Emilia restored.
-Thousands of prisoners evacuated from the Ferrara prison.


-M 5.1 another strong aftershocks in Northern Italy with epicenter located 30 km (18 miles) NNE of Bologna @ 03:18 PM


-Around 50 aftershocks recorded in 7 hours after the mainshock.
-One more body found making the death toll at 6.


-There is unconfirmed report of five people killed.
-A woman in Bologna died of a heart attack during an evacuation.
-At least 50 people injured.
-Workers searching through rubble for survivors in Sant'Agostino.


-Death toll at 4
-One killed at Ursa, a polystyrene foam company worker (from Morocco)
-Two other Italian workers reported to be killed.
-Following Italian media, all the fatalities are from rural area of Ferrara.

USGS has increased the magnitude to M 6.0 @ 5.1 km depth. Severe shaking will have experienced by the people of  Camposanto, San Felice sul Panaro, Finale Emilia, Crevalcore, Medolla and Cento.

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One reported to be killed in Bondeno. A church reported to be damaged in Ferrara.
Video below by BBC shows damage in various historical buildings in Bologna.


Nick Austen from Genoa, Italy writes through felt report form:
I am staying in the Starhotel President (Next to Genoa's Brignole Station) - on the 12th floor.
The first tremor (at about 4.03 am) seemed to last about 20 seconds.
I was sleeping lightly in bed when the bed started shaking.It did not move across the floor - just back and forth. There appear to be no damage.

I just felt a second smaller tremor (about an hour since the first).

M 5.1 aftershocks recorded 37 km (22 miles) NNW of Bologna (@ 05:02 local time)

Several houses in Bologna reported to be destroyed.

USGS has posted RED earthquake shaking alert, which categorize it as SEVERE.

Several aftershocks ranging from 3.5 to 4.4 are striking the mainshock area

No any report of damage or injuries so far. People in Bologna are tweeting, not panicking, good to hear BUT damage can be in San Felice sul Panaro, Camposanto, Finale Emilia, Medolla, Cento and Crevalcore.

Earthquake tremor was felt even in parts of Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and France. Bologna Airport lies 20 km far from epicenter.

M 5.9 very strong earthquake shakes Bologna, Italy (Dogaro)today morning at 04:03 local time. The quake's epicenter was just 36 km NNW of Bologna, Italy, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
Bolonga quake was initallly registered at magnitude 6.3.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake was centered in Bolonga. It was 6.3 miles deep.

Bologna is the principal city (capital) of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy
The last major earthquake to hit Italy was a 6.3 magnitude quake in the central Italian city of L'Aquila in 2009, killing nearly 300 people.
An earthquake of approximately M8.0 near Sicily in 1693 generated a large tsunami wave that destroyed numerous towns along Sicily's east coast. The M7.2 December 28, 1908 Messina earthquake is the deadliest documented European earthquake. The combination of severe ground shaking and a local tsunami caused an estimated 60,000 to 120,000 fatalities.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
02:03 UTC (local time Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 04:03AM @ epicenter)

Epicenter location

36 km (22 miles) NNW of Bologna, Italy
69 km (42 miles) E of Parma, Italy
72 km (44 miles) SSE of Verona, Italy
339 km (210 miles) NNW of ROME, Italy

Felt reports as received through felt report forms

Nick Austen from Genoa, Italy: I am staying in the Starhotel President (Next to Genoa's Brignole Station) - on he 12th floor. The first tremor (at about 4.03 am) seemd to last about 20 seconds. I was sleeping lightly in bed when the bed started shaking. It did not move across the floor - just back and forth.
There apear to be no damage.I just felt a second smaller tremor (about an hour siince the first).
Anna from Florence: I am staying at as hotel in sister woke me up to ask is the bed shaking? It felt like someone was rocking the bed.very strange sensation.
Northern Italy: Molto pericoloso, ha distrutto tutto: ((

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