Last Updated: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flash floods in Iran: 7 killed and 10 injured

Disaster Report: Flooding caused by heavy rains have killed 7 people in Razavi Khorasan province of Iran.

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Flash floods in Iran
-Seven killed and 10 other reported to be injured in a severe flooding in Razavi Khorasan province of Iran.
-Continuous heavy rainfall from several days caused flooding in several parts of northeastern Iranian province.
-Razavi Khorasan province is a province located in northeastern Iran. Mashhad is the centre and capital of the province.
-Great Iran Flood in 1954 killed around 10,000 people.
-Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters. As much as 90 % of the damage related to all natural disasters (excluding droughts) is caused by floods.

Some things to be aware of when in a flash flood prone area OR What not to do before/after a flood or flash flood:
  • Be aware of any signs of heavy rain
  • If you see or hear rapid rising water get to high ground
  • Do not attempt to cross the flowing water
Better assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit.

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