Last Updated: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Natural Disasters List June 6, 2012-Eight Killed In Heavy Storms In Pakistan

Disaster Report: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.

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Recent Natural Disasters
  • Heavy storms in Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan
    -Eight killed and 60 other injured after heavy dust storms in Lahore, Faisalabad, Quetta and Peshawar city of Pakistan [Recent natural disasters in Pakistan]
    Peshawar: Four killed and more than 30 people injured in Peshawar. People were injured after the roof of a hujra (guesthouse) collapsed.
    Lahore: Four people killed and around 30 other reported to be injured in Lahore. Injured people were the labourers of the Lahore Textile Mills. Incident happened  after the boundary wall of a factory collapsed.
  • Flooding in Krabi, Thailand
    -Flash flood reported in parts of Chumphon, Ranong and Mae Hong Son provinces of Thailand [Recent natural disasters in Thailand]
    -At least 500 families affected in two villages of tambon Banna in Muang district and a village in Hin Kaew of Tha Sae district.
    -Uttaradit, Sukhothai, Phetchabun, Chanthaburi, Trat, Chumporn, Ranong and Phang Nga province are on high alert as they are likely to be hit by flash flood and landslides.

Recent Earthquake list
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  • M 4.6 moderate shallow earthquake in Southern Iran (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter located 23 km NE Bandar-e gonaveh. Weak shaking will have felt as far as Bushehr.
    20:10 UTC (local time 23:40; 2012/06/06@ epicenter)
  • M 4.8 moderate shallow earthquake in Democratic Republic of the Congo (@ 14 km depth) with epicenter located 186 km NE Kalima. Just a weak shaking will have felt by the people of Goma and Bukavu.
    15:38 UTC (local time Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 05:38 PM @ epicenter)
  • M 5.1 moderate shallow earthquake in Southwestern Siberia, Russia (@ 18 km depth) with epicenter located 108 km (67 miles) E of Kyzyl. Light to weak shaking will have felt by the people of Abakan, Ulaangom (Mongolia) and Krasnoyarsk.
    14:04 UTC (local time Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 10:04 PM @ epicenter)
  • M 4.0 light very shallow rare earthquake in Ireland (Mayo @ 3 km depth) with epicenter located 96 km NW Westport. Just a weak shaking will have felt by the people of Castlebar, Cork, Galway and Sligo.
    07:58 UTC (local time Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 08:58 AM @ epicenter)
    -It is the second-largest earthquake recorded in either Ireland or Britain. Earlier was M 5.4 earthquake in 1984.
    -Tremors were well felt in Mayo, Sligo and Galway.
  • M 4.5 moderate shallow earthquake in Northern Italy (@ 10 km depth) today with epicenter located just 5 km NE Ravenna. Moderate shaking of MMI V will have felt by the people of Ravenna, Alfonsine, Cervia, Bertinoro, Faenza, Bellaria, Rimini, Tresigallo. Light to weak shaking will have felt by the people of Ferrara, Adria, Bologna, Padova and Vinceza.
    04:08 UTC (local time 06:08; 2012/06/06 @ epicenter) 
  • M 3.4 light shallow earthquake in France (@ 2 km depth) with epicenter located just 2 km NE Roumazières-loubert. Weak shaking will have felt by the people of Saint-junien and Limoges.
    01:45 UTC (Local time 03:45; 2012/06/06 @ epicenter) 
  • M 5.7 very strong earthquake in Taiwan region (@ 8km depth) with epicenter located 52 km SE of Taitung. Moderate to light shaking will have felt by the people of Taitung City, Heng-ch'un and Kao-hsiung. Weakshaking of MMI II-III will have felt by the people of  Yue-ching, Tainan City, Yun-lin, Hualian, Pu-li and T'ai-chung-shih. Click here for detail report on this Taiwan quake.
    01:08 UTC (local time Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 09:08 AM @ epicenter)

Volcanic Activity List
There are no recent volcanic activity/eruptions at this time. Check back later or use search box to find earlier.
Last Volcanic Activity:

Flooding List
  • Flooding in Murchison, New Zealand
    -Fairfax and Hampden Streets reported to be flooded.
    -Isel Park (Nelson) closed because of windy weather. Tahunanui Reserve back beach closed due to storm tide debris.
    -Slips reported around Longford and hills in Murchison.

Tropical Cyclone List
  • Tropical Cyclone Kuena
    -Tropical cyclone Kuena is located approximately 370 NM south-southeast of the Seychelles.
  • Tropical cyclone Butchoy
    -This shallow low-pressure area (SLPA) is expected to become a tropical cyclone.
    -The SLPA is located 460 km east of Southern Visayas, Philippines.

Natural Disaster News
  • Avalanche in Subei, China
    -Three killed and seven reported to be missing in avalanche in Gansu province.
    -Ten people are believed to be buried while 11 others managed to escape.
  • Wildfire in Wyoming, USA
    -1,000 acre burned in wildfire [Recent wildfires]in Medicine Bow National Forest in southeast Wyoming.
    -About 120 firefighters and a helicopter are controlling the blaze.
    -The fire is burning about 20 miles northwest of Wheatland and about 5 miles southeast of Laramie Peak.
  • Tornado in Alberta, Canada
    -A tornado hit eight kilometers south of Taber, Alberta.
    -50 to 80 millimetres of rainfall is expected across the region.
  • 233 villages in Uttarakhand natural disaster sensitive
    Over 230 villages in Uttarakhand, India  have been declared sensitive for natural disasters. the maximum of 49 sensitive villages have been identified in Chamoli district followed by 42 in Bageshwar.

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