Last Updated: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Damaging Tornado In Venice, Italy (Video)

Disaster Report: Damaging tornado (likely an F2) hit the east part of the city of Venice (Veneto, North-East Italy), notably the isles of Saint Helen (Sant'Elena), Saint Erasmus (Sant'Erasmo) and the Lido; no casualties reported.

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33 boats reported to be destroyed by the tornado in Venice.

Tornado In Venice, Italy

-Tornado reported around 11am today in Venice, Italy.
-Worst hit was Sant’Elena island. Sant'Elena is an island that lies at the eastern tip of the main island group and forms part of sestiere of Castello.
-The cemetery on Sant’Erasmo island is currently closed.
-Around one hundred trees on Certosa Island reported to be knocked down by the tornado. No injuries have been reported
Below is a video of tornado in Venice.

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