Last Updated: Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tracking Typhoon Guchol Effects In Philippines, Taiwan And Japan

Disaster Report: Typhoon Guchol is expected to show its effect in Philippines, Japan (Okinawa) and Taiwan.

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Update 2012/06/20; 23:45 UTC
-One killed and one person is still missing in Japan.
-Around 80 people are reported to be injured.
-Airline companies canceled 83 flights today (Wednesday)

Update 18:00 UTC
-Following the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the typhoon Guchol made landfall on the tip of the Pacific peninsula of Kii, south of Osaka, shortly after 5:00 pm (0800 GMT).
-Around 24 people are reported to be injured in ten different prefectures of Honshu Islands.
-More than 150,000 people in central, eastern and northeastern Japan were issued with evacuation orders earlier.

Update 2012/06/19
-Heavy rain and strong winds forecast in western Japan.
-Evacuation order issued to more than 1,600 residents in Nachikatsuura, some 400 kilometres southwest of Tokyo.
-Around 200 domestic flights reported to be cancelled so far because of the strong winds.

Update 09:15 UTC
-AS OF 09:00 UTC, the storm system was located about 170 kilometres (106 miles) southeast of Okinawa's main city of Naha and is forecast to reach the main southern island of Kyushu mid morning on June 19
-Guchol is projected to make landfall near Kyoto Tuesday.
-Heavy rainfall is expected over Japan.
-Following Japan Meteorological Agency, up to 16 inches (40 centimeters) of rain is possible in 24 hours.

Update 2012/06/18; 02:45 UTC
-All Nippon Airways (ANA) has cancelled flights to and from Naha. Skymark Airlines also canceled flights to and from Naha. Naha is the capital city of the Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.

Update 17:25 UTC
-According to Philippines National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), "Though typhoon “Butchoy” (international name Guchol) is on its way out of the country but it can still trigger heavy rains and storm surges"
-The southwest monsoon, enhanced by Butchoy (Guchol), is expected to bring occasional rains (light to moderate) over western Luzon, including Metro Manila, until Thursday.
-As of 4 p.m (local time), Butchoy (Guchol) was spotted at 550 kilometers east-northeast of Aparri, Cagayan with maximum sustained winds of 185 kilometers per hour and gustiness of up to 220 kph.

Update 16:45 UTC
-Guchol is currently moving NNW at about 15mph. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 130 kts according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, making it a high end Category 4 typhoon.
-Tracking map shows Typhoon to hit Japan on Tuesday. Luckily, there is now very less chance to hit Japan directly.


Update 13:45 UTC
 -Super Typhoon (STY) 05w (Guchol) is currently located approximately 400 nm south of Kadena AB, Okinawa.
-Destructive winds of 58 mph or greater now possible within 24 hours.

Update 07:58 UTC
-Flash flood reported in Wenshan, Zhongshan and Shihlin Districts in Taipei.
-Guchol is upgraded to the most severe category in its three-level classification system.
-Guchol itself is not likely to hit Taiwan directly, but could bring similar levels of precipitation experienced around Taiwan over the past week.

Red Tropical Cyclone alert in Japan for GUCHOL-12
-This tropical cyclone is expected to have a high humanitarian impact based on the storm strength and the affected population in the past and forecasted path.
-Up to 2.7 million people people can be affected by wind speeds of cyclone strength or above. In addition, 360000 people people are living in coastal areas below 5m and can therefore be affected by storm surge.

Super Typhoon Guchol
-As of 03:00 UTC, Super Typhoon (STY) 05w (Guchol) was located approximately 550 nm south of Kadena AB, Okinawa.
-Guchol is still not expected to make landfall anywhere in the Philippines.
-Typhoon Guchol is forecast to strike Japan at about 18:00 GMT on 19 June. Latest models show Typhoon Guchol will make a direct hit on central Tokyo and then continue onward directly across Fukushima.
-By Sunday morning, Guchol (Butchoy) is expected to be 590 kilometers southeast of Casiguran, Aurora, and 500 kilometers east southeast of Basco, Batanes, by Monday morning.
-Typhoon Guchol is expected to bring wave of rainfall to Southern Taiwan June 19-22.

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