Last Updated: Saturday, July 7, 2012

Southern Russia floods kill at least 104-Worst flood in last 70 years!

Disaster Report: At least 104 people reported to be killed in deadliest flood in the Black Sea region of southern Russia.

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Massive flooding in southern Russia

The flooded town of Krymsky; Source
-Death toll from flooding in the Black Sea region of southern Russia has risen to 104.
-More than 1,000 people are reported to be displaced by this flood.
-Around 92 people killed in Krymsk, about 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) south of Moscow.
-All the trains heading to and from Novorossiisk are suspended.
-It is believed to be worst flood in last 70 years.

Deadliest floods in Russian History
1824 St. Petersburg flood: The largest flood occurred on November 19, 1824 in which 10,000 people were killed. The second severest flood was in 1924.
Southern Federal District, heavy rain, landslide (2002): At least 110 people were killed and damage in the region was calculated at more than $400 million.

Flooding in Krasnodar, Russia
-At least 50 people died in massive flooding caused after heavy rainfall in Krasnodar Territory of Russia.
-Gelendzhik is the worst flood hit area where five people received electric shock and died after a transformer fell on the ground. Five other bodies were found in debris.
-More than 300 houses reported to be flooded.
-Seventeen power substations are temporarily closed in Southern Russia due to which around 20,000 people are said to be without electricity.

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