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Natural Disaster article: The true “World War” is against Nature

With Red Cross reportedly stating that over 304,476 were killed in 2011 and over 304 million displaced which crossed the damage of 123 billions in total. This does not bring in to account the cost to the environment via contamination. Nor does this speak of the strain on our natural resources to prepare for the disaster or the persistent rise in insurance cost across the board.
Two thirds of the deaths mentioned were reportedly due to flooding of some kind. Furthermore, if you look up the last ten years, you will see the numbers are about the same. So hypothetically speaking, if you crunch the numbers 300,000+ deaths X 10 yrs, you get 3,000,000+ deaths in the last 10 years. With two thirds of most reported deaths by natural disaster been from floods, whether it be waterways over spilling their banks, Tsunamis, Hurricanes etc., that would means by all estimates 2,000,000+ deaths occurred in the last ten years due to water. Then we do the same to the 300 million+ displaced X 10 yrs. and we’re looking at over 3 billion displaced citizens. Subsequently about two thirds of these displaced citizens were also a result of floods of some kind. These are epic numbers to some when thinking of the concentrated force of water. With two thirds of our planet covered in water, there is no dispute water can be a major threat if one does not build to flow with nature and not to resist it.
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Now consider the fact that everyone within our world, are been prompted by the same political leaders, engineers, and designers that also built the infrastructures now crumbling around it’s citizens, to build underground shelters to survive what “unofficially, may be coming”, and people are doing it! These are same people that year after year have built everything around their citizens to “Resist Nature” and not “Flow with It”. As long as the citizens or our societies’ are instructed to build to resist nature natural flow, it will always succumb to nature, for Resistance’s definitions are; Confrontation, Opposition, and War. How can a society find sustainability with these practices been implemented? The answer is, “It cannot!”
Flooding in Iowa (2008)
Flooding - Cedar Rapids, Iowa (June 2008)
This article is here to set the record straight on having a survival shelter. With the first needing mention been the consensus that your home should be your shelter. This is where the Natural Disaster Environmental History (N.D.E.H.) of a region comes in to play. Research your local N.D.E.H. for your region before you build a new, for then your home will truly be your shelter. Second and of utmost importance is understand after reviewing the above said mentioned, what good is a shelter to anyone if the shelter is submerged under water. Seeing how two thirds of our world is covered in water, we have ice cap & glaciers melting, and on average two thirds of all deaths due to natural disasters are water related.
I propose to build as nature does, by building our structures to suit the environment with which it was constructed in, and to allow said structure to harness nature natural energy instead of resisting “It”, and at the same time allowing nature to flow unobstructed by our hands. Only then could your home also be your shelter, the communities one lives in would become sustainable & no longer dependent on the state, government, or parliament for recovery, which certainly brings debit. No matter where you were born, or your upbringing, you cannot deny the fact that we all have one commandment in common and that is that we “ARE STERWARTS” of this planet know as earth and that our Great Parent(s) in the sky told us all to protect it! That one unity we have alone should be enough to unite the people of our world to build for sustainability, yet it has not.
 This is my plight, to bring together the inhabitant of our world we call earth and begin to build a new. By teaching others to build to coexist with nature through building to flow with nature and not against nature, I feel we all can become the true stewards, we were intended to be. So I beg of you, if you are ready to build a new, research your local N.D.E.H. for your region. Furthermore, base the structures design off of nature natural forms. With shapes like the egg, tear drop, and sea shells to just name a few, you could find a structure that would not impede nature’s natural flow and in times of savior weather your structure has more chance of floating than sinking.
To learn more and to read up on the new International building code I am trying to have implemented, called the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H. Code), please visit my blog at Blogger under “Build to flow with nature and not to resist it”

This exclusive guest post is by Stonewall Mary of Build to flow with nature and not to resist it from Spokane Valley, WA.

Few words from Stonewall Marry
"I have lived my whole life for just this moment! I was born to bring change to our world and by doing not meant to just save the lives of the people but also the Eco-system that dwells all around them. Yet I cannot accomplish my life's mission without the help of others! That is where you and you constituents come in. For how can one say they are “Building Green” if the structure will falter to natures fury tomorrow? And thereby, becoming just another Eco disaster tomorrow and a waste of our natural resources, let alone the loss of life, and the continues rise in all branches of insurance"

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