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Hurricane Sandy live text report

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Last Update

-The storm left at least 253 dead and caused an estimated $65 billion in property damage.
-Hurricane Sandy is the top trending Google search for major events across the world in 2012.

Update November 1, 2012
Now total death toll is 137. The U.S. death toll from Superstorm Sandy has risen to at least 68.  That includes at least 34 in New York and 12 in New Jersey.  Two deaths have been reported in Canada and 67 in the Caribbean.

The U.S. death toll has risen to 50. A total of 118 people have died from the storm, including 67 in the Caribbean and 1 in Canada.

Update 23:50 UTC

-The death toll from Sandy has risen to 40 in the mainland United States (109 including the Caribbean)
-JFK, Newark airports will be open Wednesday with limited service; LaGuardia will remain closed.
-While Sandy is weakening, rain, wind and snow expected for the Northeast tonight.
-6.9 million customers are without power in 15 states and DC. That's about 1 million less than 4 hours ago.


Below is a aerial view of New Jersey Coast Line after Hurricane Sandy.


Hurricane Sandy death toll has risen to 102, including 33 in the mainland United States, according to Washington Post. Here’s the breakdown:


NEW YORK (17) —
Police Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday confirmed at least 10 storm-related deaths in New York City. Police said that figure is likely to rise. The Associated Press reported seven other storm-related deaths statewide.

The deaths included an 8-year-old boy killed by a falling tree limb. Also, a 51-year-old woman was killed when she lost control of her vehicle and it rolled over on a Sandy-slicked highway, WPXI reported.

A 77-year-old man was killed when a tree hit his home. Another tree fell on a pickup truck, killing a man and a woman.


CNN reported a woman died in West Virginia in a Sandy-related car accident.
In addition, the body of one member of the HMS Bounty was recovered after the tall ship sank at sea off North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The skipper’s body is still at large. Another 14 crew members were rescued.


52 deaths confirmed, the latest reported Monday morning.

11 deaths reported by state media.

Two deaths reported in each nation.

One death reported from each.

Update 16:15 UTC

Total deaths: 94
In the U.S.: 26
– 15 in New York
– 2 in Maryland
– 2 in Connecticut
– 3 in New Jersey
– 2 in Pennsylvania
– 1 West Virginia
– 1 HMS Bounty replica deckhand who was found unresponsive and later declared dead at hospital
Outside the U.S.:
– 1 in Canada.
Earlier: 67 in the Caribbean, including 51 in Haiti.

Important updates

-Superstorm Sandy killed at least 18 in America. Sandy also killed 67 people in the Caribbean.
-Storm made landfall in New Jersey on Monday evening. New York was among the hardest hit.
-The America storm caused the worst damage in the 108-year history of New York's subway system.
-President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in New York and Long Island. More than 670,000 customers are without power in and around New York City.
-New York University's Tisch Hospital was forced to evacuate 200 patients after its backup generator failed. Tunnels and bridges to Manhattan were shut down.

Snapshot of what is happening, state by state (via

A state of emergency expanded to western North Carolina. A woman who was pulled from the Atlantic after abandoning a tall ship died. Power outages: 6,600.


The Long Island Sound flooded roads. Two people died, including an Easton firefighter who was killed when a tree fell on his truck. Power outages: More than 630,000.


 Nearly all residents of flood-prone coastal communities in Kent County heeded calls to evacuate. The Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach resort communities were flooded. Power outages: 34,000.


High wind warnings and a lakeshore flood warning are in effect Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago. City officials said Lake Shore Drive is expected to remain open.


 A winter storm warning is in effect for three southeastern counties until Wednesday. In some areas, winds could gust up to 50 mph through Tuesday.


Wind gusts topped 60 mph, shutting down the port of Portland and knocking out power to homes and businesses. Power outages: 80,000.


Floodwaters swamped touristy Ocean City. In western Maryland, snow tied up traffic. A falling tree killed a man in Pasadena. Power outages: 290,000.


 Strong winds and heavy surf led to mandatory evacuations in sections of coastal Dartmouth and Fall River and voluntary evacuations in other coastal communities. Power outages: 400,000.


High winds knocked out power to about 23,000 homes and businesses.


Politicians canceled visits to the presidential swing state on Monday. Power outages: 196,000.


 The center of the storm came ashore Monday evening near Atlantic City, which was cut off from the mainland by the storm surge along with other barrier islands, stranding residents who ignored warnings to evacuate. At least three deaths were reported. Power outages: 2.2 million.


 A record storm surge that was higher than predicted along with high winds damaged the electrical system and plunged millions of people into darkness. Utilities say it could be up to a week before power is fully restored. The governor's office said there were five storm-related deaths. A fire was burning 15 houses in one flooded section of Queens. Power outages: 1.8 million.


Wind gusts of up to 60 mph could hit some counties on Tuesday and rain could change over to a snowy mix. Utilities expect the wind to continue blowing down trees and poles. Power outages: More than 215,000.


Wind and flooding closing more than 200 bridges and roads. Three people died, including an 8-year-old boy who was killed when a tree limb fell on him. Power outages: 1.2 million.


Howling winds and storm surges forced mandatory and voluntary evacuations in low-lying and coastal communities. Power outages: 110,000.


Snow expected in higher elevations, where a freeze warning has been issued. High winds expected in many areas.


Winds knocked down trees and power lines, and localized flooding is possible Tuesday. Power outages: 14,470.


Utilities brought in crews to help restore power after high winds and snow. A curfew was ordered Monday on Chincoteague Island. Power outages: 151,800.


Federal and local governments will remain closed Tuesday along with the courts, public schools and the Metro system that serves 1.2 million weekday customers. Widespread cancellations are expected at the region's three major airports. Power outages: 11,000.


At least 15 counties are under a blizzard warning. A woman was killed in a traffic crash. Power outages: 15,000.


 A village along Lake Michigan suggested residents evacuate Tuesday morning because of the possibility of dangerously high waves and flooding.

Update 07:55 UTC

-Sandy in number (US): 13 dead, 6,535,896 without power, 7 NY subway tunnels flooded (4 days to pump clear), Cost estimated at $3bn so far.
-Approximately 1/4 of the population of New Jersey is now without electricity.

Update 07:30 UTC

-Sandy's Economic Impact Could Exceed $10 Billion a Day, CNBC.COM writes.

Update 07:00 UTC

 -New York Uni hospital forced to evacuate aft power failure. Below is the photo of ambulances lined up outside NYU Hospital.
-There are 20+ fires raging in Ocean County, NJ, many in areas of high water.

Update 04:15 UTC

Below is a photo of the HMS Bounty, a 180-foot sailboat, submerged in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Sandy approximately 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C. (Photo provided by the U.S. Coast Guard).

Update 03:55 UTC
A view of the New York City skyline from Jersey City. The WTC has lost power but the Goldman Sachs building continues to be fully lit.


Update 02:30 UTC, October 30, 2012
-Sandy blamed for at least 10 deaths in eastern U.S. Deaths in N.J., N.Y., Conn., Maryland, Pennsylvania, CBC News Alert says. 2 deaths in NJ, 1 in CT, 1 in WVA, 1 off NC coast, in addition to 5 deaths in NY.
-Alert declared at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey. Oyster Creek nuclear power plant declared the Alert at approximately 8:45 p.m. EDT due to water exceeding certain high water level criteria in the plant’s water intake structure.

-CNN confirms 5 U.S. deaths due to Sandy.
-Sandy knocked out power to at least 3.1 million people across the East.

Update 16:05 UTC
-Hurricane Sandy's landfall expected to be in New Jersey between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm ET.
-Hundreds being evacuated from west Atlantic City, county official says.
-Approx. 70 trees down across city parks in NYC.

Update 15:55 UTC

Flood waters from Hurricane Sandy approach the LaGuardia Airport runways and taxiways today. Below the picture via Port Authority NY.

Flood_waters_from_Hurricane _Sandy _Airport

Update 14:50 UTC
New York Gov. Cuomo announces Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel will both be closed ahead of Sandy.

Update 14:20 UTC

Sandy destroyed large ocean pier in the Maryland beach resort of Ocean City. Below is the photo of the destroyed pier of Ocean City, MD (Source weatherchannel).


Update 11:30 UTC

Amount of rainfall due to Sandy through 7am EDT:
3.22" at Norfolk VA
2.89" in Salisbury MD
2.17" in Dover DE
2.05" in Atlantic City NJ


 The New York City Subway system suspended service starting at 7 p.m. on October 28, 2012, in advance of Hurricane Sandy.
Photo below shows Times Square, normally the busiest station in the system. The previous systemwide suspension of service took place in August 2011 for Tropical Storm Irene (Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Aaron Donovan)


Update 11:25 UTC

@ Hurricane Central: Atlanta is 800 miles from the center of Sandy but several thousand people there lost power overnight because of winds downing tree limbs.


Message from Office of the Press Secretary:
"Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today's campaign event in Orlando, Florida. The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy."
Update 11:10 UTC
 - Light snow falling now in Beckley and Bluefield, WV and Marion, VA.
-Total 67 people killed including 51 in Haiti.

Update 10:00 UTC

-Following, a total of 6,576 flights have been canceled so far today in the U.S. and 112 flights have been delayed.

Update 08:55 UTC
Tropical Storm Public Advisory statement
-Sandy is currently located 460 km E of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and 615 km SSE of New York City.
-A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for:
* north of Surf City to Duck North Carolina
* Pamlico and Albemarle sounds
* Bermuda
-Snowfall forecast: Snow accumulations of 2 to 3 feet are expected in the mountains of West Virginia with locally higher totals today through Wednesday.  1 to 2 feet of snow is expected in the mountains of southwestern Virginia to the Kentucky border with 12 to 18 inches of snow in the mountains near the North Carolina/Tennessee border and in the mountains of western Maryland.
-Dangerous surf conditions will continue from Florida through New England for the next couple of days.

Update 08:00 UTC

-Flood Warning issued for Monocacy River near Frederick, Maryland affecting Frederick County. Major flooding is forecast.
-Clouds from Sandy extend from Bermuda to Detroit, and from North Carolina to the Arctic Circle. This storm is huge (source:

Update 06:30 UTC

Below is a photo as viewed from above the NYTimes building (Source


Update 06:05 UTC

-Sandy is currently located 455 km E of Cape Hatteras North Carolina and 685 km SSE of New York City.
-Hurricane-force winds are expected along portions of the coast between Chincoteague Virginia and Chatham Massachusetts.

Update 03:00 UTC

Below is a video by NASA which shows time-lapse animation of Hurricane Sandy from the vantage point of geostationary orbit—35,800 km (22,300 miles) above the Earth. The animation shows Sandy on October 28, 2012, from 7:15 to 6:26 EDT.

Update 02:30 UTC

@ DC Maryland Virginia Picture below is bridge in Newport News which is almost underwater.


Update 00:50 UTC, October 29, 2012

-Sandy is currently located .450 km ESE of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and 780 km SSE of New York City.
-Red Cross volunteers from North Carolina, Kansas City, and Arkansas are ready to provide support to potential victims of the storm. They will provide emergency kits and cleanup material.
-The fishing pier in Ocean City, Md. has been damaged.

Update 23:59 UTC

President Obama declares states of emergency in New York and Massachusetts due to hurricane Sandy.

Update 23:58 UTC

All flight operations have been suspended for Monday, the Philadelphia International Airport says.

Update 23:50 UTC
@CruiseNorwegian NYC port is closed, therefore; Norwegian Gem's embarkation will be delayed due to Hurricane Sandy.

Update 23:05 UTC

-Sandy is currently located 450 km ESE of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and 780 km SSE of New York City.
-Hurricane-force winds are expected along portions of the coast between Chincoteague Virginia and Chatham Massachusetts.

Update 17:40 UTC

-Photo below shows hurricane evacuation zones used for communicating evacuation orders to the public. These zones indicate the areas at most risk of flooding due to storm surge during a hurricane. Zone A is the most at risk, followed by zone B, and then zone C.
-This evacuation includes a population of 375,000, which was also evacuated during Hurricane Irene in August 2011.


Update 17:15 UTC
This is what TWC meteorologist Stu Ostro said:
"A meteorologically mind-boggling combination of ingredients is coming together: one of the largest expanses of tropical storm (gale) force winds on record with a tropical or subtropical cyclone in the Atlantic or for that matter anywhere else in the world; a track of the center making a sharp left turn in direction of movement toward New Jersey in a way that is unprecedented in the historical database, as it gets blocked from moving out to sea by a pattern that includes an exceptionally strong ridge of high pressure aloft near Greenland; a "warm-core" tropical cyclone embedded within a larger, nor'easter-like circulation; and eventually tropical moisture and arctic air combining to produce heavy snow in interior high elevations. This is an extraordinary situation, and I am not prone to hyperbole."
Update 16:50 UTC
Classes are cancelled and the Drexel university is closed Monday and Tuesday due to expected severe weather. Drexel university is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Update 16:46 UTC
-Airlines cancelled more than 3,000 flights as a result of Hurricane Sandy. More than 265 flight cancellations at Newark Airport.
-For Monday, 2,499 flights are cancelled, with 774 cancellations at Newark, followed by 428 at Dulles in Washington and 355 cancellations at Philadelphia.

Update 16:40 UTC
MTA subway and rail will be suspended as of tonight at 7PM. MTA bus will be suspended tonight at 9 PM.

Update 16:30 UTC
Gov Chafee has declared a State of Emergency for Rhode Island.

Update 15:30 UTC

-NYC Mayor Bloomberg announces mandatory evacuation of 375,000 residents. It also includes Coney Island and other low lying areas.
-All public schools will be closed on Monday.

Update 15:05 UTC
Following NOAA, destructive potential of Sandy storm surge is 5.7 on 6.0-scale which is higher than Katrina.

Update 14:45 UTC

-Coastal flooding currently occurring near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in the Norfolk, Virginia area. Also minor coastal flooding along portions of the New Jersey coast.

Update 13:50 UTC

-Fire Island, New York will be evacuated today.
-Following Governor Cuomo, around 1100 National Guard troops will be deployed in NY, 200 in NYC.

Update 10:40 UTC
NOAA recon plane just found minimum central pressure of 957mb - a sign hurricane Sandy may be starting to strengthen again.

Update 09:05 UTC
A 09:00 UTC National Hurricane Center advisory issued the following warning on storm surges:
Sandy located 635 km E of Charleston South Carolina and 420 km SSE of Cape Hatteras North Carolina. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for...
* Cape Fear to Duck North Carolina
* Pamlico and Albemarle sounds
* Bermuda

Update 04:50 UTC
According to a White House press statement, President Obama will return to the White House after an Ohio event to continue monitoring Hurricane Sandy.

Update 01:25 UTC
-@ Miamiherald Sandy’s death toll climbs to 44 in Haiti with 200,000 homeless.

Update 00:40 UTC, October 28, 2012
-Currently the eye of storm sandy is located 570 km ESE of Charleston, South Carolina and 530 km S of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
Rainfall forecast:
Far eastern North Carolina: 3 to 6 inches
Portions of the mid-Atlantic states including the Delmarva Peninsula: 4 to 8 inches
Parts of southern New York into New England: 1 to 3 inches.

-A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for:
South Santee River South Carolina to Duck North Carolina
Pamlico and Albemarle sounds

A tropical storm watch is in effect for:
Savannah River to South Santee River

-Following Virginia's governor Bob McDonnell,  no widespread evacuations are expected from Hurricane Sandy.
-Big Android event scheduled by Google in New York City is cancelled due to the severe weather.
-Below is the video of Mayor Bloomberg addressing New Yorkers on preparations for Hurricane Sandy.

- State of emergency declared in Connecticut For Hurricane Sandy.
-Death toll from hurricane Sandy climbs to 41. Highest in Haiti with 29.

Update 10:50 UTC
@ CP24 Environment Canada is warning of wet and windy weather as the remnants of Hurricane Sandy arrive in Toronto and the GTA late Monday.

Update 09:15 UTC
-Hurricane Sandy has downgraded to a tropical storm.
-As of 09:00 UTC, Sandy was located 250 km N of Great Abaco Island and 565 km se of Charleston South Carolina.
Below is hurricane sandy five day forecast map, which shows Sandy again reaching hurricane strength at 48 hours.


Update 06:55 UTC
Power outage in Central Florida. Several trees are toppled in Brevard and Volusia counties.

Update 06:40 UTC
Part of article from Washington Post:
Hurricane Sandy scenarios for Washington, D.C > The heaviest rain and strongest winds occur late Sunday night into Monday afternoon, with widespread power outages. Peak sustained winds from 50-70 mph and gusts over 75 mph possible.

Update 06:25 UTC
Market watch reports,
NYC may evacuate 375,000 ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Update 06:15 UTC
Assateague Island, a barrier island that is partly in Maryland and partly in Virginia and is known for its population of wild horses, is being closed in advance of the storm hitting the mid-Atlantic seaboard, huffington post reports.

Update 06:05 UTC
Hospitals and nursing homes in the most flood-prone parts of New York City are being asked to release patients that can be discharged safely and cancel elective hospital stays. Mayor Michael Bloomberg took this step in preparation for hurricane Sandy.

Update 05:55 UTC
United Airlines has announced travel options for customers whose flight plans may be disrupted by Hurricane Sandy.
Customers to and from the below listed cities from Oct. 28 through Oct. 31 may reschedule their itineraries for travel no later than Nov. 4 with a one-time date or time change, and the airline will waive the change fees.
New York/Newark (Newark Liberty, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia); Washington, D.C. (Dulles International Airport and Reagan Washington National); Albany, N.Y; Allentown, Pa; Baltimore, Md; Boston, Mass; Buffalo, N.Y; Burlington, Vt; Charleston, S.C; Charleston, W.V; Erie, Pa; Harrisburg, Pa; Hartford, Conn; Manchester, N.H; Norfolk, Va; Philadelphia, Pa; Pittsburgh, Pa; Portland, Maine; Providence, R.I; Raleigh-Durham, N.C; Richmond, Va; Roanoke, Va; Rochester, N.Y; Syracuse, N.Y; White Plains, N.Y and Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pa.

Update 05:35 UTC
-Hurricane Sandy is currently located 190 km N of Great Abaco Island and 600 km SSE of Charleston South Carolina.
-Dropsondes and SFMR data from a NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft showed a large area of 60 kt winds to the west and northwest of the center.
-A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for:
Florida East Coast from north of Jupiter Inlet to Saint Augustine
South Santee River to Duck including Pamlico and Albemarle sounds
Great abaco and Grand Bahama islands

A tropical storm watch is in effect for:
Savannah River to South Santee River
Florida East Coast from north of Saint Augustine to
Fernandina Beach

Update 04:40 UTC
The trip of dozens of Utahns scheduled to travel to Haiti for relief efforts has been cancelled due to hurricane sandy. The Haiti Health Initiative sends groups of doctors and support staff twice a year for dental, medical, agricultural and water services.

Update 04:15 UTC
-Roger Williams Park Zoo is taking the necessary precautions and moving animals indoors for the duration of the storm.
-CNN has banned the term "Frankenstorm" completely from its airwaves since the term is not appropriate for a storm that's already killed more than 20 people.

Update 04:00 UTC
-Latest official forecast for Sandy shows landfall around noon Tuesday over the far southern New Jersey coast.
-New Jersey is currently lowering waters levels on 4 reservoirs, 2 lakes in preparation for excessive rainfall from Sandy. Water from Pompton Lake and Lake Hopatcong in Sussex County will be released on Saturday.
Below is an image showing where could the lights go off (power outage) when Sandy hits (via stevekopack, instagram).


Update 03:40 UTC 
News from Twitter
-N.C. Yam Festival scheduled for Saturday in Tabor City has been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.
- Experts fear Hurricane Sandy could do more damage to U.S. than Irene.
-Note that there are more than a dozen Nuclear Plants near Hurricane Sandy’s Path.

Hurricane Sandy live report, more to come.

Original post
-Hurricane Sandy killed 21 people in the Caribbean, including 11 people in eastern Cuba. Sandy affected parts of Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas and Haiti.
-Sandy destroyed more than 3,000 homes in Cuba and caused power outages and minor flooding in Bahamas.
-Hurricane Sandy is forecast to mix with a winter storm to create a monster storm in the eastern U.S. next week and will affect the entire Atlantic Coast from Florida to Maine and inland to Ohio. Forecasters predict this ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane (Frankenstorm is a hybrid storm which is a combination of high wind, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow ) to hit U.S. will be worse than the 1991 ‘Perfect Storm’ (also known as the Halloween Nor'easter of 1991 which killed 13; direct).
-It is believed to be the deadliest storm in Cuba since July 2005, when category 5 Hurricane Dennis killed 16 people and caused $2.4 billion in damage.
-States of emergency declared in Virginia, Maryland in advance of Hurricane Sandy.
-Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is urging all Maryland residents to prepare for extreme weather.

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