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Natural Disasters List November 28, 2012-Landslide in Colombia

Recent Natural Disasters 2012: This natural disaster list covers important natural disasters in the world with detail update report.
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Recent Natural Disasters
  • Landslide in Norte de Santander, Colombia
    -Ten missing and 50 others are trapped in a huge landslide in the northeastern Colombian province of Norte de Santander.
    -Heavy rainfall caused avalanche in the hamlet of Teorama.
    -Search efforts are currently suspended due to poor visibility. The landslide disaster area can only be reached by air.
    -The 2010 Colombian landslide (with flooding) killed 174 people. The most serious blocking occurred on the Ocana - Cúcuta road (current location, Norte de Santander). The floods and landslides affected 70% of Colombia (Photo: Landslide in La Cruz, Narino Department, Colombia on Dec. 13, 2011; AFP).
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  • Thunderstorm in Texas, U.S.
    -One killed in a plane crash in the US state of Texas during thunderstorm.
    -Tragedy occurred near the town of Wells in Cherokee county, Texas.
    -Plane was going to Tulsa Riverside Airport from West Houston Airport when it encountered thunderstorm in east Texas.
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Recent Earthquakes
Did you feel it? - Report an Earthquake
  • M 3.3 light shallow earthquake in Tamil Nadu, India (@ 15 km depth) with epicenter located in Dharampuri-Salem border region (@ 22:19 UTC).
  • M 2.1 minor rare earthquake hit Cumbria, England (@ 21: 37 GMT)
  • M 5.0 moderate shallow earthquake in Northern Algeria (@ 10 km depth) with epicenter located 31 km ENE of Bejaia. Light shaking of MMI IV will have felt by the people of Bejaia, Jijel,  Bijayah, Al-qasr, Babor-Ville, Barbacha and Amizour. Weak shaking will have felt as far as Algiers.
    The 1980 El Asnam earthquake, largest earthquake (M 7.3) in Algeria killed 3,500 people.
    23:15 UTC (local time Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 12:15 AM @ epicenter) 
  • M 4.6 moderate earthquake in Kyrgyzstan (@ 46 km depth) with epicenter located 56 km SE of Kadzhi-Say. Just a weak shaking of MMI II-III will have felt by the people of Kyzyl-Suu, Karakol and Cholpon-Ata.
    05:30 UTC (local time Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 11:30 AM @ epicenter)
  • M 5.6 strong deep earthquake in Northern Peru (@ 120 km depth) with epicenter located 80 km ENE of Barranca. Light shaking of MMI IV will have felt by the people of Lagunas, Barranca and Yurimaguas. People of Rioja, Moyobamba, Soritor, Lamas, Jepelacio, Tabalosos and Chachapoyas will have felt weak shaking of MMI III.
    03:09 UTC 2012/11/28 (local time Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM @ epicenter)

Recent Flash Floods
Ongoing Major River Floods (Based on Satellite observation): Afghanistan (Amu Darya), Australia (Darling), Brazil (Rio Paranaiba, Juruena, Purus and Tocantins), Chad (N Djamena), China (Mekong and Huang He), Colombia (Putamayo and Rio Negro), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Ubangi), Guatemala, Indonesia, Iraq (Euphrates and Tigris), Kenya (Bohoni and Turo), Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Sudan (Blue Nile), Taiwan, Tanzania (Mwanza Shinyango road), Uganda (White Nile) and United States (Rio Grande, North America).

Recent Volcanic Activity
Erupting Volcanoes: Propocatepetl, Fuego, Reventador, Villarrica, Stromboli, Nyiragongo, Ol Doniyo Lengai, Erta Ale, Marapi, Semeru, Paluweh, Gamalama, Lokon-Empung, Sakurajima, Ulawun, Yasur, Ambrym, Kizimen, Shiveluch and Kilauea volcano.
  • Mariana Islands/Pagan recent volcanic activity
    -An increased volcanic activity reported in Pagan volcano.
    -Steam and gases are clearly observed in MODIS satellite images.
    -Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 recorded 45 km south of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands today.

Recent Tropical Cyclones
  • Tropical Storm Bopha
    -As of 15:00 UTC, TS Bopha was located 920 nm east of Palau.
    -Tropical storm warnings remain in effect for parts of the Federated States of Micronesia.
    -Tropical Storm Bopha has drifted away from the state of Chuuk and is now moving towards Yap.

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