Last Updated: Friday, March 22, 2013

Firefighters fighting fire in China forest

A forest fire broke out in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of SW China. Firefighters are currently fighting fire in Wuzhou city of China.

Detail news yet to come.

Looking previous Forest fire statistics, around 14,700 forest fire occurs in China every year. Forest fire in east China in 2011 killed 9 including seven firefighters.

Below are pictures of firefighters fighting fire in the
forest of SW China.


Yunnan Province suffers the most frequent forest fires in China. The firefighters jobs are in peak in SW China in February, March and April in a year.

A RED ALERT was issued by
Beijing authorities for the forest fire in China in beginning of the march.

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Forest fires in China in 1987 (Black Dragon fire) burnt 18 million acres of forest along the Amur river. Major 1987 Daxing'anling wildfire killed 211 people.

Photos: Firefighters fighting fire
in China forest; News.CN/Xinhua

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