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Flooding in Mauritius capital Port Louis: 11 killed

Recent flash flooding in Mauritius has claimed at least eleven lives. About 152 mm rainfall has been recorded in Port Louis within three hours.
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Update 04:45 UTC

-Water supply is currently disrupted in the Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius.
-Still one person from Grand Gaube, northern Mauritius is reported to be missing.

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Grand Gaube

Update 2013/04/01; 02:00 UTC

One more body is reported to be found. If the report is true, death toll would be 12. However have to wait for the official message.

Below is the photo of six victims of the Mauritius flood (Source LeDefi  Media Group)


Update 16:50 UTC
This is what one of our visitor has added in the comment section. Huge thanks for this (look below post):

I still cannot believe what has happened to our little beloved Island. I do feel for the bereaved families and for people whose properties have been destroyed in the catastrophic floods!
The inquest will now begin regarding the reasons why the area was overwhelmed, leading to so many deaths! Such events are only supposed to happen once in a lifetime but we have two similar events within a few weeks! Who is to blame for the inefficient evacuation of flood waters?
Port Louis is surrounded by mountains and it is obvious that heavy rainfall will cause a surge of water down the slopes towards the sea.  Recent developments such as the upgrading of the access roads entering the city have effectively created a "barrier" which appears to channel the surge of water directly to the Caudan. This is not a problem when the rainfall is only average, but in such events like yesterday, 157 mm of rainfall would cause immense evacuation problems if the appropriate canals are not in place. In the French era, there were some deep canals to address this problem but with development in the city over the years, some of them have been neglected and built over and to add to that, the motorway, in such events, acts as a barrier and all the water is just channeled straight towards the Caudan, causing the devastation which we have witnessed yesterday!
What is the way forward?.....Appropriate evacuation canals must be built or improved to deal with the problem. They might look dry, unattractive and useless most of the time, like the old system which was designed by the French engineers so many years ago but in times of exceptional torrential rainfall, they will help to minimize the catastrophe which we have just witnessed! The government must address this problem urgently so that such tragedies does never happen again.
Below is the raw you tube video footage of recovery of the flood victim in Mauritius.

Update 12:35 UTC

Avi Keerodhur has send us a video which he shot while driving from Port Louis toward Curepipe, during the peak rain.

Update 11:45 UTC

One more body has been found at Mc Donald. Now total death counts 11- Update by Richa Khenmah


Update 11:00 UTC

The Prime Minister of Mauritius is on TV right now answering questions about flooding in Mauritius- Thanks Faleen for the update.

Yasiirah Allykhan, Faleen and Richa Khenmah from Mauritius have joined us in preparing further report.

There will be a public holiday in Mauritius tomorrow. I went to have a look at the Caudan Waterfront this morning. The water level in the tunnel has fallen. The stairs of the subway can be seen now. But still, divers are with equipment finding bodies. They have been working from all night yesterday. Still many people are missing. However exact number is unknown- By Yasiirah Allykhan

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Update 10:55 UTC

Richa Khenmah from Mauritius has messaged us that death toll is now at 10. Two more dead bodies have been found in the parking of Mc Donald at Port Louis.

Update 10:05 UTC

Death toll from floods in Mauritius has risen to 10. We are following the local media. Official report yet to come.
Sira has send us another photo of flooding at the Caudan Waterfront.


Update 09:55 UTC

-Navin Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius in a press conference at Clarisse House has declared April 1, 2013, a mourning day and a public holiday.
-Police, emergency relief team and locals are still working in rescue work in Mauritian capital Port Luois.
Below is the list of names who died in floods in Mauritius.
Sylvia Wright
Jeffrey Wright
Trishul Teewaree
Amrit Teewaree
Toolsiram Ramdhany
Vikash Kaussai
Retnon Sithanen
Christabelle Moorghen

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Update 09:00 UTC

 Just want to update, protestor have blocked road along Grand River North West. Thanks to Sira from Mauritius. Sira has also shared a photo of the underground tunnel in which 6 persons died.


Finally we have got some great people from Mauritius who will be reporting us continuously. Keep this page open or visit later to get update report.

Update 07:05 UTC

Residents of Dayot Canal have blocked the main road to Grand River South East (GRSE). Protesters claim that authorities have done nothing to help those affected by flooding along Canal Dayot.

Update 2013/03/31; 06:35 UTC

-The Grand River Bridge is temporarily closed due to flood water.
-Death toll remains at eight. Almost all died by drowning and one by heart attack.
-Latest Weather Forecast Bulletin issued by Mauritius Meterological agency predicts more moderate to heavy shower with thundering and flash floods in coming hours.


-Recent floods in Mauritius (Maurice) have killed eight people and injured 82 others.
-Rainfall lasted for almost three hours. About 150 mm rainfall has been recorded in Port Louis within these hours.
Below are photos of flash floods in Mauritius from Clever Dodo facebook page.






Massive flooding in Mauritius on March 30, 2013 has killed at least eight people. Among them six people died in the flooding in Caudan underground tunnel.

Several accidents have been reported across Mauritius (Maurice). Dozens of vehicles collided each other at Port Louis.

Mauritius climate is forecast to be still bad in coming hours. Mauritius Meteorological agency has predicted moderate to heavy shower with thundering and flash floods on March 31, 2013.

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People in Mauritius are advised not to venture along river bank and other water courses.

Flash flooding in Mauritius on February 13, 2013 closed several schools.

More news yet to come.

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