Last Updated: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hailstorm in Lao Cai, Vietnam damages 10,000 houses

Hails damaged roofs of more than 10,000 houses in Lao Cai area of Vietnam. Hail storms also injured 26 people .


Update 2013/03/30
Another hailstorm today in Lao Cai again has destroyed 100 houses more. Hailstorm has also injured two people. The hailstorm, together with a vortex, hit several areas of Bao Yen District.

Recent hail storms in Vietnam have damaged roofs of more than 10,000 people. Hail damaged roof mostly in northern Lao Cai province.

Hailstones as large as 8-10 cm in diameter have rained down in Lao Cai area.

According to the National Search and Rescue Committee, hail storms have injured 26 people and damaged 10,500 houses.

The hailstorm which lasted for 20 minutes also destroyed trees and crops.

Yesterday hailstorm damaged roof of 80 houses in Ha Giang Province.

Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center has predicted hail storms to be more bad in coming days in Vietnam.

Photo: Hail damage roof in Lao Cai, Vietnam; Tuoi Tre

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