Last Updated: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Landslide in Jayapura, Indonesia claims 3 lives

Landslide caused by heavy rainfall has claimed three lives and injured one in Jayapura, the provincial capital of Papua, Indonesia. Landslide disaster occurred in the Immanuel APO church complex in Jayapura Utara.

Among the fatalities, one is17-year-old female student from SMU school Mandala Jayapura and others two are 23 and 26 years old female teachers.

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Landslide, which injured one, is currently having treatment at Dok II Hospital. Injured person is the elder brother of the three victims.

Jayapura City Police managed to rescue other four victims from the collapsed house.

Flooding has closed road between Jayapura City and Abepura.

Landslide in Jayapura, Indonesia in January 2013 killed two. Landslides and flooding are common natural disasters in Indonesia.

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