Last Updated: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lightning in Nepal claims 5, including 2 kids

At least five people have died in lightning strikes in Nepal. Lightning claimed lives in Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli, Kaski and Gorkha districts of Nepal.

Lightning in Chhelang area of Sindhupalchowk district killed Ful Kumari Thapa, 35, and five-year-old girl Rabina Thapa. Lightning also injured five others.

Lightning strikes in Belbote, Sindhuli killed two and injured eight others.

Lightning in Maatepaani, Baglung killed eight-year-old girl Dil Kumari Sapkota. Other two were injured.

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Lightning in Borlang, Gorkha claimed one live.

Lightning in the Lahachok, Armala, Kaski killed 65-year-old-man. Same lightning injured other three.

Another lightning strikes in Sindhujure VDC injured four people.

Strong winds and scattered rain were reported across Nepal throughout the day. Lightning in Bajura, Nepal killed two in February 2013. Thunderstorm and lightning are common natural tragedies in Nepal.

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